Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 in review

I'm going to skip over the fact that it's been a year since I blogged. Well, skip over the reasons/excuses. I really cannot believe it has been a year… And what a year it has been! Here's a quick review:

We sold our townhouse at the end of May, in a mere 2 days, over a holiday weekend! It was bittersweet, as it was the first home we shared as a married couple and it held many memories. We loved our neighborhood but were ready for a little bit more space and a yard for our Paisley pup.

We moved into a temporary apartment while we house-hunted… And by "moved into" I mean lived out of boxes and put most of our belongings in storage for the summer. The only real plus of apartment living? We had a pool for the summer!

In July, we found our house! It was hideous inside, but the husband I both saw the potential. It's located in an amazing little "neighborhood" area and I have an amazingly short commute (1.5 miles!) to work. It's also in a great school district for elementary school. We closed on the house at the end of August after quite the back-and-forth with the prior owners. We countered back and forth initially and could not meet on a number, so we walked away. The owners contacted our realtor after less than 2 weeks and asked if we were still interested… I had a feeling the whole time! We quickly signed the paperwork and bought our first house together! And the renovations began.

We started renovations in September and moved into the house in October. We continued renovations (and by "we" I mean Sean) through November and "finished" shortly before the holidays. I say "finished" because we have plenty more projects to complete over the next few years including 2 bathroom guts/renovations and other small projects. But we love it!

Our renovated kitchen!
Did I mention some of the most exciting news of our year??

Yep! We are expecting a baby girl in 2 short weeks. Like I said, it's been an exciting year! More house and baby details to come soon.


Carolina City Girl said...

welcome back! i've totally slacked on the blogging thing, too...but i sure have missed blogs like yours!

Unknown said...

I can imagine the changes that you've done in your new house. It's like you've finished fantastic changes and renovations. Hehe! Anyway, do you still have some photo stories about the before and after of revamps? In case it's not available, I hope you can share the plans you've made for the sake of inspirations. Thanks, Caroline! :)

Yolande Leake @