Monday, July 19, 2010

Projects and procrastination

I am a terrible blogger... When I have time to blog, I don't have anything to say. When I have something interesting to share, I don't have time to blog. Ah, the vicious cycle. Here goes nothing:

I am SO. VERY. READY. to be back in Nashville. 3 more weeks in Atlanta (really, my 12 weeks are almost over?), a week in GA/the beach with my amazing grandparents, and then back to my new home. I moved almost 10 weeks ago and just unpacked my last box of stuff this past weekend. Living in multiple places is for the birds! I promise to post pictures of our new, awesome abode once I am settled. A lead in to the projects... I've really been wanting a framed chalkboard. I saw an awesome one in a Southern Living magazine. It was in a big gold frame and displayed a college football schedule. Loved it! This weekend Sean and I decided to undertake said project and I vowed to keep it cheap. I got some design tips from a college friend/fellow blogger. After visiting 2 TJ Maxxs, Southeastern Salvage (An awesome place, I must say!) and Home Depot (Twice, for that matter, because I am am idiot.), here's the final product:

This isn't the greatest picture. I was bummed that I had to wait to write on it, too! Also, the grand total of the project.... Drum roll, please.... $10.00! I recycled a picture in a frame that we weren't using nor foresaw using. The only cost was chalkboard paint. Excellent. I was proud of myself, if you can't tell. I will post a better picture once it's on the wall.

As I mentioned, I only have 3 more weeks left at CHOA. I also have a huge project to finish between now and then. Oh, procrastination. Some things never change!


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

i'm about to do this- but i wonder what i should put the paint on- did you use the glass? or swap it out for a board?

L.Caroline said...

I am so behind the times... I painted over a picture that was already in it. It was actually faux canvas and very smooth!

Laura E. said...

I love love love this! My boyfriend and I are moving in together and he would love to have this hanging above our bar. What size frame did you use? Did you paint on a board, glass, or wood? Would love advise! Great post!!