Monday, October 31, 2011

the rehearsal

Because there was a wedding at Belle Meade on Friday night we had to hold our rehearsal between 9 am and noon on Friday... We opted to go with earlier as to allow for time for errands to be run, lunch to be had with out of town guests, and last minute projects to be completed. We all gathered in the gardens and ran through the ceremony  and then all went off in different directions for the day. Our rehearsal was laid back and went quickly! My second momma (her kids are the cute ones in all of the pictures) captured some great pictures during the rehearsal.

One of my favorites.  

My sweet babies (Our junior bridesmaid and ring bearer).

Beautiful Sadie Bug. 

All of my beautiful bridesmaids! 

Packed into the Tahoe... I rode in the floorboard as it was packed to the brim with all things wedding. 

My sweet, sweet Gaga

Plus my wonderful Papa. 

Needless to say, I was a little bit stressed out post-rehearsal. There were still a lot of things to get done in a limited amount of time. My bridesmaids and "second family" were very sweet and all offered to run errands and help with projects. My mom and grandmother headed back to the hotel and started putting our guest thank you gifts together. My brother, maid of honor, and I headed to pick up my dress, order programs (yep, day before the wedding...) and pick up some things from CSB's townhouse. The pick-up-the-programs errand turned into much more of an ordeal than I anticipated but luckily my brother and MOH were very patient and helpful. We discovered a minimal of 5 mistakes upon printing a sample and probably were the guy who helped us at Kinko's least favorite customer of the day (I must mention at this point, said programs where never actually put out at the wedding... They apparently were not locatable prior to the ceremony, unbeknownst to me until the end of the evening!). 

After several hours of crazy errand-running my little brother was very insistent we stop, relax, and get lunch somewhere. He treated Rebeks and I to Ted's and we all enjoyed a quick lunch. He was so sweet, patient, and thoughtful the entire day and I still cannot get over the fact that he opted to run errands with us as opposed to heading to a local sports bar with the crew of groomsmen for the day. 

Of course, I had to stop and spend some time with my sweet puppy before we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner! 

Whew! I thought I would squeeze the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner into one post... However, the rehearsal dinner will have to wait for tomorrow as this wife is exhausted. 
Much more to come in the following days! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Officially a Mrs.

I am finally back... And officially a Mrs.! And so excited to begin catching you all up on the last several months of our life! I hoped to begin the catching-up process long before now, however, Molly the MacBook went straight to the Mac hospital on Monday and has just made it home today (with a new, extra-large hard drive!). Now I can actually upload pictures, use adobe programs, etc.

We got home from our amazing Mexican honeymoon late Sunday night... Several times over the course of the week I commented to CSB about how excited I was to start blogging again. The insanity and busyness of the last few months in combination with a not-fully-functioning Molly the MacBook have not made for ideal blogging conditions. My little blog is also going to get a facelift (and possibly new name!) now that little Molly is functioning well enough to actually run photoshop without flipping out. 

Oh my goodness... Where do I even begin? Our wedding was absolutely perfect. Everything turned out so well and the night could not have gone better! There were a few little bumps in the road day-of but I honestly could not have asked for a better day. The weather in Nashville was perfect, too (though I am somehow still the owner of adorable new navy hunter rain boots as the weather forecast 10 days out predicted a 60% chance of rain)! The night flew by, though I tried so very hard to savor every single second. I cannot wait to get our pictures back. 

I'll leave you with a few preview pictures taken by a dear friend/bridesmaid's very talented fiance. 


AND a very classic picture from my brother the morning after the wedding as well as the facebook status that accompanied it... 

1 Year of Planning...
Thousands of Dollars Spent...
1 Pair of Ripped Pants...

Best Weekend and Wedding EVER! 

I think he sums this post up pretty well! Hope everyone has had a wonderful fall weekend. I can't wait to share more wedding details in the coming weeks. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

3 days to go! I cannot believe after almost a year, it's almost here! I am so very ready... And still have so very much to do. I've been such a blog slacker lately but promise to be back after the honeymoon with lots of pictures and how-tos for DIY projects! And I will be Mrs. B.  Happy Wednesday!