Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Thanks to my great friend L, we recently took some great anniversary/Christmas family pictures. 

Convincing the husband ended up being quite the, um, adventure. After putting it off multiple times and me getting a bit irritated he caved and agreed to sit for pictures. 
And suggested we just do them in our house. 
With the self-timer set on our camera. 

Let me just go ahead and tell you not a single picture was successful. And hence the husband agreed to let L take pictures, like I suggested 2 months before. Anyway... I was so excited with all of the great pictures L captured for us. 

I would share my actual shutterfly card but honestly, for the first time ever, I was really disappointed in the quality. Let me preface this with saying: I am incredibly picky. And spent way too much time and energy picking out a card. And it's probably my own fault I wasn't pleased, because I went with the photo cards (because they were way cheaper!) instead of the card stock this year.... The color of the pictures looked bad/washed out and I just didn't love the overall product. Again, I went for cheap and got what I paid for, I guess. I have learned my lesson! 
And will most likely find a new company to order from next year. 

That is all. I certainly did not intend for this to get negative. :)  Life is too short. 

Very Merry Christmas from the Bucks!