Sunday, February 19, 2012

the weekend

What a wonderful, but as always too short, weekend it has been (Of course I have no pictures...)!  It started out with date night Friday with our sweet neighbors, N & S. They have two precious little ones and don't get too many chances to go out, so we jumped on them having a babysitter and ventured to Cantino Laredo for yummy skinny margaritas and delicious mexican food. On Saturday morning CSB and I woke up and quickly cleaned the house in preparation for two of my favorite people in the world to visit. My mom and grandmother (AKA "Gaga") arrived around 10:00 Saturday morning and we enjoyed a girls day out. Lunch and shopping in Green Hills (As well as a haircut for this gal... more to come on that!) followed by a late birthday celebration for my sweet Gaga last night. They headed back to my mom's around noon today, and I was so sad to see them go! CSB spoiled us with a delicious breakfast this morning and we made a trip to JoAnne's in the snow flurries before they headed out. 

(Not like you haven't seen this already...)

I am so thankful for my wonderful family and that I have such close relationships with both my mom and grandmother. I simply cannot imagine life being as full without them. I'm getting a little sappy... That's what happens when the hubs gives me half a glass of sangria at lunch! 

Hope everyone's weekend was as good as ours! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

walking for a reason

On April 14, I will be joining family and friends to walk for a cause that is very dear to my heart.

In November of 2009, after several months of facial numbness and a few other symptoms, my brother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the age of 21. He was healthy, active, and enjoying college life at Georgia Tech. Unfair? Definitely, if you ask me. Since that time he has seen good and bad days, ups and downs. My little brother is a fighter and I admire the courage with which he has faced his diagnosis. As of today, there is no cure for MS. It has broken my heart for my brother to have to deal with this on a daily basis as well as to think of others out there who are affected.  My dream is that one day this disease will be curable- or even better, nonexistent! 

If you are interested in making a donation, please visit my personal page. Or, if you are in the Marietta area please join us to walk! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

weekend confessions

I am ridiculously addicted to the show gossip girl... I just started watching it on Netflix in January and completed season 4 last night. It's a little embarrassing, but I am a lot hooked.

Instead of taking Paisley to the dog park today, as planned, we dropped her off at "doggy day care" this morning. It was 30 degrees. And wet. And spitting snow. Judge away.

When CSB is out of town I check the locks on the door not less than 5 times before going to bed. And sleep with the bedroom door locked. With Paisley on the bed. And my active imagination always still convinces me someone is in the house. Next purchase for the Bucks? Monthly security alarm service.

I bought a jar of Nutella last weekend and it is almost gone as of this morning. I would like to blame CSB for his contribution to this, but truth is he hasn't touched the stuff. Oops.

I am dying to have a little-one-with-two-legs... I won't type the word (the hubs occasionally browses the blog). But am committed to waiting for a few years. And until we have more space. And less debt.

That's about all I have confession-worthy. Happy weekend!

Monday, February 6, 2012

to cut...

or not to cut. My hair. That, my friends, is the question. I've pinned {verb: to post ideas onto an online "pinboard"} short styles like crazy in the last few months. And I swore my long locks were going to be gone October 16. This is the longest my hair has been in, well, a long time. And the longest period of time in my life I have ever had long hair. I like the convenience. Letting it air dry 4-5 days and week. It's in a ponytail by noon, so why bother with a style I have to fix? But, it's really boring. And dull. And I am in need of a change. But then again it's really versatile this length. I can curl, straighten, air dry, put up in low messy bun (my go to)... So many options!

But then I see cute styles like this...

love this lady's blog... Lots of great hair ideas! Via

Both of the above updos are with shoulder length hair... I would still have options! 

I also have a few friends who went shorter last year and I definitely had some hair envy. 

And it will grow back, right??

Sunday, February 5, 2012

movies on the go

The one good thing about being in the car for an extraordinary amount of time on our way to and from the beach was that my friend L and I got to sit in the back and watch movies (like children). When the hubs bought his 4-Runner they tried hard to sell him on the DVD player in the backseat. He waved it off, knowing it was only going to collect dust. Well, Mr. DVD player was taken on his major voyage last weekend. We watched several movies over the long weekend, some much better than others. 

First on our list: I Don't Know How She Does It. Grade: C-. Not quite failure, but pretty close. We actually watched this one with the husbands at the condo one night. Bless their hearts. It was just not good. 

This one was definitely a good one! Enough comedy for the situation... The boys actually would not have minded this one. Instead, they had to listen to our commentary on it from the backseat while sitting in traffic. 

Oh goodness. Loved the storyline but it was so violent! I had to look away several times from the animal cruelty and violence in general. Maybe I will try the book. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

weekend sniffles

Well, actually substantially more than just a case of the sniffles. I've been coming down with something/sick since Tuesday. Coughing, stuffy head/nose/ears alternating with runny nose, sore throat, gross cough. You know, the crud that kids carry around constantly this time of year. Being the stubborn busy, working girl I am, I put off going to the doctor, expecting it to run it's course by the weekend. I expected wrong. I woke up yesterday morning feeling horrible... I still went to work, since we don't see kids on Fridays.  I even made it to dinner with friends last night and thought I was on the upside. Buuuut, no. I slept no more than 2-3 hours last night, waking myself up coughing (poor hubs) or because my head was so stuffed up I couldn't breath. {Side note 2: Off brand Nyquil is for the birds. I should have made an extra run to Walgreens last night instead of being lazy and buying the version at the dollar store}

I am supposed to be in Kentucky at a black tie even with the hubs. Instead, I am in bed. And have been all day, except for my trek to the good 'ol minute clinic. An inhaler and prescription cough medicine later I am hoping to sleep tonight and wake up a little perkier tomorrow.  And that this passes by Monday.

In other news, last weekend we went to the beach. It was glorious. Let's not talk about our drive, it does not fall in the glorious category... However, the fact that we got to spend 3 whole days at the beach was definitely worth it! We are already planning a possible June trip, except this time we will be flying.

We took no pictures. Fail. One on the beach and a few more of us girls' Monopoly domination. After hating Monopoly since college, I think I might like it again!