Monday, January 31, 2011

Matching the 'Maids and the Men

Well, coordinating is really more what I am going for.

Though I am over the moon about our fall wedding date, I am a little jealous of the spring and summer brides out there. If we were getting married at any point between Easter and Labor day the boys would be donned in seersucker. My favorite! However, I was not willing to stretch our engagement from a year to a year and a half over the attire of our bridal party. The male attendants, at that....

Here's the dilemma (it's not truly a dilemma, per say, I just need some second opinions):

I originally planned to do either khakis+button down+bow ties+navy blazers.

{Image retrieved:}

{Image retrieved:}

Something like this, end result: 
(Featured wedding from This entire wedding=love)

OR navy suits+bow ties...

{Image from; "Beau"tie from Southern Proper}

However, my mom keeps hinting that we should do tuxes... So I am taking it into consideration. 

The always (unless it's Dumb & Dumber-style) classic tux...

{Image from}

{Image from}

But a black tux with navy? This is ok? And can I do a fun bowtie? Think Southern Proper or Vineyard Vines...

Thoughts, please! 


Side note: My little (6'2", 23 year old) brother (pictured above) insists he will not wear a bow tie (and is part of the wedding party)... We have come to an agreement. 
He will wear one only if I refer to it as a "lady-catcher". 
Whatever makes him happy, I mean, it is all about him. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Revived Blog and a Wedding Update

I have given up on blog design! I have changed and shifted and added and changed and changed... Well, you get it. I am not 100% satisfied but it will do for now. Besides, the important part is the posts, right? 

It's been awhile... My mom and I embarked on our first day of dress shopping 2 weeks ago. So. Much. Fun! We simply loved The Bride Room here in Nashville. Their service was outstanding and my mom and I truly got to enjoy the experience. For any Nashville brides- I highly recommend! Though I have a sneaky suspicion I might have found "the one" (After visiting her again today...) I have 2 more appointments this weekend with the tried and true Momma Moot. I am very excited that my sweet, sweet Jr. Bridesmaid and her momma will be joining me for one of the appointments. My very grown-up and mature 10 year old Jr. Bridesmaid holds a very special place in my heart and always will. I started babysitting for the sweet girl when she was 5 months old and have had the joy of watching her grow from a beautiful little curious baby into an even more beautiful, intelligent, radiant young lady. Her younger brother, who I think just as highly of, will be doing the honor of "bearing the rings". 

I have officially hired a wedding planner. Wahoooo! I am very excited to work with her and know she is going to do an incredible job making my vision come to life. After meeting with her for the first time she "threw this together" for me. I think she gets it. 

I am also on the brink of hiring a caterer. Sean and I met with her on Monday and came home with full bellies of delicious southern goodies. She is another vendor that seemed to just get it. 

My post has been more wordy than usual so I will leave you with some visuals. Southern Living has featured several weddings on their website lately and I have been loving it! Here are some of my favorites: 

Monday, January 24, 2011


In case you haven't noticed, my blog has evolved over the past few weeks. I think I am finally there with my design and am working out the details.
Please be patient and stay tuned for a new and improved version!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ribbon Send Off

The venue at which we are hosting our wedding requests refrain from the use of sparklers, tossed loose flower petals, or tossed bird seed. Completely understandably. After hearing this ideas for an end of the night send off began to run through my head... Bubbles? Ribbon? Flags? Ribbon send off have really caught my attention as of late. I love ribbon and think this is perfect! 

How fun? 
{Image retrieved from}

I love the set up. I for see one HUGE galvanized bucket full of ribbon wands with a big monogram on the front of the bucket. 
 {Image retrieved from goolge}

I don't really care for the beads at the top or the colors... but I love the mixture of different types of ribbon.  
{Image retrieved from}

These are adorable! I don't know how I feel about the bells, though... 
 {Image from}
This blog has a great tutorial:

I love the simplicity of these. 
{Image retrieved}

I really want long, flowy, dramatic, and varying textures/pattersn. 
Did I mention I love ribbon?

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Luck Be a Lady, II

I mentioned in my previous blog entry my good wedding-luck thus far. And I mentioned another wedding-related item on which I was waiting to arrive. Well, it made it today!

I discovered Cassandre Snyder Design while browsing Southern Weddings blog (an absolute favorite of mine to browse!) and she happened to be hosting a great giveaway for anyone preparing to "I Do". Instead of just one prize she ended up sending out three and I was one of the lucky winners! I received in the mail today an autographed copy of Mindy Weiss's The Wedding Book and a handwritten note from Cassandre (seriously, what's better than getting mail? and handwritten notes? annnnnnd a handful of almond hershey kisses!) 

Here are a few of my favorite discoveries thus far: 

 I know nothing  about train terminology! 

 Love it! 

Notice the seventh flower on the list? Yep. :) 

I also attended a bridal show a couple weeks ago and won a $50 gift certificate to a salon right down the road from my house. This is perfect since my prior hairstylist seems to have taken a permanent maternity leave. And I haven't had a haircut since, oh, 2010. HAHA. Seriously though, September. 
Can anyone say split ends?

White on a Friday Night?

In October? 

I really want to wear a white cocktail dress to our rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  

Something like this:
**I think this one needs to be a couple of inches shorter, at least to be flattering on me. I recently saw it in a bridal magazine and it was much shorter. (not slut short but a more flattering length)**
{Image from amsale}

Or something with a fun ruffle:
{Image from amsale}

Love this one, too. Classic. 
{Image from amsale}

Or something like this. 
{Image from amsale}

I've also considered something in a Champagne color as a nice alternative to white in the fall. 
You might recognize this from this post... At least my taste is consistent. 

{Image from}

Speaking of the navy dress that I would love my bridesmaids to rock... I also love it for engagement pictures. So, maybe I will buy it and resell to my bridesmaid, LOL. Or keep it because I love it! 
 {Image from}

 I also really like this. Perfect for a cool fall evening! But is it too casual? With some killer heels? 

Thoughts on white on a friday night? For a bride? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ooooo, Shellac!

I finally broke down and got a manicure, shellac style. (Shellacacure?) Though it's only day 2, it. is. awesome. I am NOT a manicure girl. I like my nails to look healthy but I never like the way my nails look polished. AND the polish always chips within 24 hours. I don't live a manicure-friendly lifestyle. However, I keep hearing awesome things about the shellac and decided to give it a whirl. I went with a very light pink/neutral color... I wish I'd been a little more brave with my color selection. Maybe next time! I never know what color looks good with my skin tone and am always chicken to try something bold.

The past weekend was filled with wedding preparation festivities... Dress shopping, more dress shopping (Mom and I did stop for lunch and wine in between) and a bridal show (absolute insanity) on Sunday. Lots to update about but it's not happening tonight. Here's my favorite freebie from Sunday from a local paper vendor: 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Confession: I Just Ironed a Towel.

Yep. I just broke out the iron and ironing board all for the sake of one little kitchen towel. 
And I thought my mom was crazy for ironing our jeans when we were kids. 

In my defense: 
It was really wrinkled. 
And the dryer didn't fix it. 
And it's my favorite (I have a set of 2) kitchen towel. 

I found the set at Williams Sonoma awhile back on clearance. Yes, please! 
It hangs perfectly over the oven handle nestled on top of my other favorite Anthropologie kitchen towels. 
Much better. 

I'm going to go put the iron up. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mason Jar Mayhem

I heart mason jars. 

I heart them as vases. And drinking glasses. And lanterns. 
They are oh-so-versatile. 

And, at around $17/dozen (I'm not convinced I can't find them for cheaper) they are fairly cost effective. 
{{I've been hoarding lots of great images this week but haven't had the time to blog.}}

Love this! Simple. I can already picture these hung in lots of little nooks and crannies around the venue.

{Image retrieved from}

Again, love. 
{Another from}

{Image retrieved from google}

{Image retrieved from google}

How fun is this? I adore all of the different sizes arranged together. Perfect on top of a burlap monogrammed runner.
{Image retrieved from google}

Lemonade, anyone? 
{Image retrieved from google}

Oh, you'd prefer sangria?
{Image retrieved from google}

 And one more, just in case you're not convinced of their versatility. 
{Image retrieved from google}

Monday, January 10, 2011

Save the Date Ideas, Take 2

I've had trouble posting images lately... They all show up initially, for me, anyway. And then they are gone! I know this is annoying to those of you attempting to following my blogging. Thanks for the patience. I'm still pretty new to this. 

The next big thing on my actual "to do" list (versus my "to book"/"to reserve" lists) is picking out save the date cards. This is something I am really excited about! Since our wedding falls smack in the middle of football season (sorry boyfriends/fiances/husbands of my wedding attendants) I want to give everyone plenty of time to get our date on their calendar and figure out a way to plan around it. There are lots of sports bars in Nashville, folks! Lucky for the fiance, Vanderbilt is hosting UGA that weekend. His idea? Host a tailgate day of. As in day OF our wedding. Boys will be boys! And I digress...

Back to save the dates! I've found lots and lots that I love and am yet to make any commitments. Here's a preview of some I like: 

Love the navy polka dots + green

Again, love the navy blue + green. And the stripes inside the envelope. I am all about details.

How. stinking. cute! But time consuming. This would be a make-it-myselfer! I'm guessing 20+ hours for as many as I'll need? Hmmmmm...

Navy + green... You already know my feelings. 

I think this might be an invitation. I love the simple, 1 letter monogram. This is definitely something I would consider for invitations. 

{Images courtesy of google}