Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday... Only 2 to go!

Good Wednesday evening! Hope everyone's week has been wonderful (and less stressful than mine!). This has been a crazy week... Wedding errands and hair trials and projects galore! But, only 17 more days. Whew, I'm ready! 

For those of you loyal Southern Weddings readers, or for those of you I'm friends with in real life/on facebook (not that those are always one in the same) you might have seen this already... For those of you who have not, check it out!  I was featured as Southern Weddings Bride of the Month for September. I am obsessed with Southern Weddings... It was the first magazine I bought after getting engaged and my favorite daily blog-read. Feel free to mozy on over and check it out this evening!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

first weekend of fall

Fall is officially here! Which means several things... First of all, as I've mentioned before, it's my favorite season. And my birthday is soon which I almost have forgotten this year with all of the wedding planning. AND our wedding is only 20 days away! I cannot believe it's finally that close. After almost a year-long engagement I am beyond ready!

So, what did we do to ring in the fall season, you ask? We began the weekend with dinner at our  favorite local sushi restaurant on Friday night followed by a few episodes of Mad Man on Netflix. On Saturday morning we went on a dog park date with the pup. Trips to the dog park are always followed immediately by a bath. Paisley always manages to find the mud. And romp through it. And lay in it. And roll in it. No lie, she always the dirtiest dog there. I would take her everyday if she could keep herself a little cleaner!

The rest of our day was spent cleaning out CSB's fridge in preparation for the new (to us) one he just bought from a friend. It was quite comical watching the boys maneuver and brainstorm to get the appliances out, finally taking the entire back door off. We also now have a new (to us) convection oven with glass top range. They are both so nice... And great upgrades for when we decide to sell the townhouse in a couple of years. Especially the fridge. I am obviously getting old as I am SO excited about new appliances. 

Saturday night we went to see Randy Rogers at Tin Roof with one of Sean's friends from work and his sweet girlfriend. The concert was outdoors and the weather was perfect.

Today I worked on some wedding projects and got a manicure with a friend. Oh how I love shellac manicures! I ran a few errands and came back home to work on wedding projects again. All in all, it's been a great weekend.

Friday, September 23, 2011

catching up: bachelorette weekend

Hello, ladies (and the few gentlemen that read, cough cough... Little brother and CSB)! Big girl life has been all-consuming and blogging again was placed on the back burner for a few too many days. I'm back and am going to try and post consistently between now and the wedding. Life has been crazy but certainly great. I've become quite the sappy little lady over the last week or so as the wedding draws closer. I continue to have my eyes opened to how blessed I am. My family, friends, and CSB are all incredible.

I've  had two official bachelorette celebrations. One in Nashville with my lovely work friends. Too much fun... We took advantage of restaurant week and the evening ended being serenaded at the dueling piano bar.  This past weekend I also celebrated in Chattanooga with a group of friends including girls from high school, college, and graduate school. It was great to have so many great friends in one place. And of course we had a blast! Our weekend started with a relaxed and delicious dinner on Friday night and time chatting at Taco Mac afterward. On Saturday night we went on a Riverboat cruise for dinner... I was a little worried when we hoped in line behind the class of 1967. However, it was a blast! We actually we thanked a few times as we got off the boat for the entertainment... Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Friday night at Taco Mac with two of my bridesmaids

Getting ready for the evening! 

Transportation for the evening

Before the riverboat cruise

Cute favors!

Here are some pictures with my wonderful work friends from our Nashville night out:


Being serenaded at the Big Bang. Hilarious! 

Enjoy the weekend... And the first day of fall! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

feels like fall!

Oh. my. goodness! Fall is certainly in the air this morning. After a very warm weekend I was thrilled to wake up to 60-something degree temperatures this morning. I grabbed a quilt and my coffee and enjoyed the morning sitting on the back patio. Looooooooove it. In case you haven't picked up on it yet, or didn't follow my blog at this time last year (seriously, nobody did at that point!) fall is my favorite. It makes me oh-so-happy! I think having a fall birthday may contribute? And, as of this year, the fall will hold even more meaning! 

Also, fall means football! Tailgating posts to follow. We took it easy this weekend as many of our friends were traveling and it was blazing hot. Next weekend will be our inaugural tailgate for 2011! 

Here are a few pictures I came across this morning of all things fall...

My birthday weekend last year in Chicago. Amazing!

Pumpkin trio on the back patio.

Fall two years ago with grad school friends in KY.

Planted mums. 

Does anyone else love fall as much as I?

Friday, September 2, 2011

10 reasons...

...To throw a fall party! 


Goooooood September morning! How is it already September; can someone please explain? Not that I am complaining. Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. I simply love it. The crisp air, the colors of the leaves, football season, boots & jeans... the list goes on; what's not to love? I am currently itching to throw a fall party (you know, because planning a fall wedding is obviously not enough). Here are a few reasons why: 

Let's start from the outside and work our way in. How adorable is this front entryway? I heart the monogrammed pumpkins and will have a pile at least one in our entryway this fall. 
Mums also = adoration. {via}

I'm still hung up on the front door. How cute is this? 

3. And this? We do have a backdoor, too. Plenty of wreath space to go around!



5. How cute (and functional) is this?


6. This looks delicious! 

7. repurposed pumpkin. 

7. Really want to try this, too. 


9. cute invitations? yep!

10. and of course, a reason to break out cute fall clothes! 


Happy Friday! And (almost) fall!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

a snapshot

Like I said yesterday, Molly the MacBook is on her last leg. And I can't upload pictures. And it is driving me nuts. You would think I'd work on fixing it instead of complaining... 

I was able to upload a few pictures from the weekend, though, so here's a snapshot! 

Happy (almost) Friday!