Tuesday, March 29, 2011

orlando countdown

First of all- I have having some major trouble with the design of my blog- can you see the background? It's not showing up for me at. all. And it's completely out of the blue!

Anyway... The point of my post!

In less than 48 hours I will be on my way here:

The dad and I a few summers ago

And again. We didn't plan to match, it was kinda creepy. (Oh, and excuse my dad's cool clip on cellphone case)

OK, I realize the pictures don't really give it away. I'm headed to Orlando, as I mentioned last week, to visit the dad. After looking at these pictures I realize I need to do a little better snapping them this trip! 

I found another picture from the trip, a day trip we made to visit my late grandmother in Vero Beach. it made me a little sad! It's one I have in a frame, now.

I need to be getting more work done for residency, however, my brain is fried. Instead, I am really tempted to start packing! 

Weird fact: I like packing, but only for some trips. A casual trip home? Not so much. 
An airline trip to a sunny place? Yep! 
Weird, I know. 

I can't wait to do a little outlet shopping (there are some awesome outlets a few miles form my dads- trouble!), lay by the pool, and spend some time with dad and CSB! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

weekend recap

This weekend was not one I was particularly looking forward to as I was registered to take a certification class alllllll day Saturday and from 8-3:30 today. Yuck, right? The good part was I got to see lots of my OT girls- we used to see each other every single day and since we started our fieldwork rotations last summer I haven't seen some of them in just shy of a year. Crazy! 

So, Friday night was date night with CSB. We started out browsing the sale racks at the Borders liquidation; I was a little bummed most books were only 20% off at this point. I will be returning as they get cheaper! It was only 5:30 when we finished and I was already starving a tad hungry but CSB relentlessly makes fun of me for liking to eat earlier than my 80 year old grandparents so I suggested we grab a drink and then do dinner. We headed to Jackson's before the crowd- I am obsessed with their Baptist Wedding Punch- delicious! (I learned it's just Key Lime liqueur and ginger ale- also easy to make at home!) It's not on the menu anymore but they still make it every time (which is once in a blue moon) we go.  We then headed to Taco Mamacitta's for dinner. There was a heck of a wait (I am just the slightest bit inpatient... And really hate waiting in a city there are so many good restaurants. It happens though, not complaining) but we grabbed margaritas and settled in at the bar with chips and queso. We both got our classic standbys and headed home early... Myself with the intentions of resting up for my class. 

Paisley puppy had other ideas... Sweet puppy Paise got spayed on Thursday (no puppies for my puppy!) and was still recovering. She was really out of it and stumbling around on Thursday but quite a bit better on Friday. She ate fine Friday morning and was still just groggy. Fast forward to 11:10 Friday night (I was definitely already asleep) I hear my poor pup puking. Yuck. I won't go into details but a few bed changes/crate cleans/carpet cleans and trips outside later, I finally went back to sleep around 4:30. 7:00 came early! While I was in class Saturday CSB took Paisley to the vet for a shot and they took her off pain meds and she has been perfectly fine since.

(Recovering Thursday night. On the bed, of course.)

(Notice the shaved leg? ha! They had to shave it to give her an IV. Guess that's what I get for having a fluffy puppy)

I won't bore you with the contents of my class Saturday. 

On Saturday night CSB and I headed to a friend of his, F's, 41st birthday celebration. And by celebration I mean food truck (delicious local grilled cheese!) parked on the side of the house, catering, a tent, multiple bars, and waitstaff all over the place. It was so nice! And F and his wife S are some of the absolute sweetest people I know. We hung out for a while and then headed downtown to meet one of my best friends for her little sister's birthday party. Love me some Cooper sisters! We called it early again and walked out to our car... THAT WASN'T THERE. As in, was towed. 15 extra minutes and $85 later we made it home. Thankfully the tow guy was super nice (it wasn't his fault CSB parked DIRECTLY in front of a "Kinko's employee parking only/Cars towed 24/7" sign) and took us to the lot on his way with another unfortunate downtown patron's car.

(Portrait at the entrance of the house. I cracked up. CSB didn't get it. Apparently he hasn't watched the news in the last 2 weeks)

Today was filled with more physical agent modality cramming and a 72 question exam I really hope I passed. 
And then a much deserved nap!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

spring shopping

I am beyond ready for spring to settle it's warm self down and stay around! Last week was such a tease (Didn't spring's momma teach him not to be a tease?). I'm ready though. CSB and I are headed to Orlando next Thursday to visit the dad so I will have a chance to beak out my warm weather duds! I was in a bit of a funk yesterday and somehow ended up at the mall... Oops! 
{I tried to be productive and work on my residency. I packed up my bag and computer and went to Starbucks around noon. Purchased my skinny caramel macchiato. Settled into a chair and opened my computer to realize she was dead. AND I didn't bring my charger. And then I ended up at the mall.}

My main plan was to go to Sephora and spend way too much a bit of money on new makeup! I've been so excited to go but it wasn't really a "take a 5 and 9 year old along" trip for the weekend. Granted, they are very well behaved but would not have enjoyed the trip, especially  all-boy M. 

Here's what I walked out with: 
Nars Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo in Orgasm/Laguna 
I literally debated this purchase for 10 minutes solid. I went back and forth between just the blush, the duo, the multiple... Decisions, decisions! I finally went with the duo and am SO pleased thus far. I went into Sephora with little makeup (purposefully, to try stuff out!) and came out feeling fresh-faced! The orgasm blush was recommended by more than one person and I am loving it after only a day. 

This was another product recommended by several readers, or a similar benefit product. I have used Benefit products in the past and always been very satisfied so I went for it! I debated between this and High Beams (another reader recommendation!) and ended up going with this one because it seemed to work with my skin a little better. I love the glow it gives without being sparkly or too shiny. 

I also got a tinted moisturizer. I really wanted to try one of these: 

But the Sephora I visited didn't carry the Dr. Dennis Gross and were out of the Benefit one... Seriously? So, I went with a small/travel size of this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer on the recommendation of a super sweet saleslady. I'm crossing my fingers! It looked great yesterday when I got home but I haven't used it yet today. 

I also snuck into LOFT which is right next door to Sephora in search of sale items... Of COURSE I found nothing on sale, their small sizes always go SO dang fast. I did get these adorable linen shorts I am so excited to wear in Orlando, though. I have a really hard time finding shorts I like that flatter me... They are either too short or just don't fit well. Longer shorts aren't very flattering on me, either. I need something short but not booty/teenager short! These are great and they come in several colors and patterns. (Picture I took yesterday to send my mom. LAME, I know, but my mom is my ultimate shopping partner.) 

I am so excited about wearing them with these little guys, an awesome CHEAP find a few weekends ago at Sears Shoe Store near my hometown. I love wedges with shorts! 

And this little HOBO I found at TJMaxx for less than half of retail. Score! 

I also got some great deals at BR yesterday. 2 shirts for $30! 
I got this tunic in a light army green color and love it. I wore it yesterday afternoon with jean capris and can't wait to wear it with skinny white pants (which I am on the hunt for!). I got a cute button down, too, for $12.97. Everything was an additional 25% off which was even better! 

Happy Friday, everyone! Be sure to check out the blog sale I posted yesterday! 

Thank you again for all of your great makeup suggestions! It's date night (first in a LONG time!) for CSB and I tonight and I can't wait to use everything. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

blog sale!

OK ladies, as promised, here's the sale! 
I took all of the pictures with my iPhone (not the greatest quality) but JUST found my camera so if you like something and want a better picture don't hesitate to ask! 

I may be doing round 2 in a few days... I'll keep you posted! 

To purchase an item simply comment on the post, or, if you're a facebook follower, comment on the post about the item you'd like. I will try to keep items updated/take them off as they are sold and all items will be sold on a first come basis.

All listed prices include shipping, and I will ship anywhere in the U.S. If you are local we can work something out and I will gladly adjust the price. I  have set up a PayPal account for purchases. 
I will start accepting payments and shipping items early next week! 

Please email me (lori.moot@gmail.com) with ANY questions you have about items or if you'd like a better picture. 

Ann Taylor silk top, size 6. Worn once. Very cute, it's just been hanging out in my closet for a year and I haven't worn it. It's a little bit big in the armpits (sounds weird...) for me, too. Cute with a black pencil skirt, dark jeans and heels, or white pants for the summer. 

This little sucker was hard to get a good picture of. Jessica Simpson paisley print kerchief/scarf. Worn only once or twice. I can never seem to find anything to wear it with. I snapped a (blurry) picture of it on to give you an idea. It's a large square scarf as opposed to a longer skinny one (hope that makes sense!). 

INC pleated skirt with bow belt, size 4. Has been worn 2-3 times and taken in in the waist slightly. It was hard to get a great picture of it, but I can take one with my camera and send it to you if you're interested! It's in great condition and cute with a tucked in tank or button down and heels or a cardigan. 

J.Crew chino shorts, size 2. I literally have these in EVERY color. Most of mine are 4s and I like the fit a bit better. Worn several times last summer, but in great condition (excuse the wrinkles, I will iron before sending!). 

J.Crew tee, size M. Worn a couple of times, accidentally bought another in almost the identical color, though! 

Printed tee, size medium. Worn a handful of times, in great condition. 

GAP sleeveless tank, size S, never worn. I've put this on multiple times and have never walked out the door in it. Super cute with capris/jeans/skinny jeans, loose/flowy fit. 

Polo stripped button down, size 4, slim fit. Love this shirt, happen to have 3 of it in my closet, however, this one being a little tight across the chest and I've only worn it 1-2 times. I noticed a tiny stain near the bottom- I am washing now and am thinking it will come out. If it doesn't I will adjust the price to reflect! 

Cropped BR sweater, size S. I bought this a few years back to wear with a pair of seersucker pants. Cute with a white tank underneath, haven't worn in the last year so it's going! 

Polo slim fit polo, size M. Again, worn a few times but just a little bit short for my taste (I'm long waisted). 

Light weight rugby style Polo shirt. I LOVE this shirt, it's just too short for me. Worn 2-3 times, max, if that! Great with shorts during the spring or jeans through the fall. I THINK it's 3/4 sleeve. I will double check for anyone interested.

The pictures of this are not great... Never been worn J.Crew cardigan, somewhere between off-white and white in color. Bought at outlet last summer for $40. 

Michael Kors pleated tank, size S/P. SO cute, just too short for long-waisted me. Cute under cardigans or alone. A flowy/loose fit. 

GAP outlet cable knit sweater, size S. Worn once. Long fit and super cute with jeans/dress pants.

GAP outlet argyle front lightweight v-neck sweater. I actually tried this on and almost pulled it out of the pile, but I haven't worn it in a year, so I tossed it back! 

UGH, taking pictures of anything black was impossible... Black BR v-neck sweater, worn a handful of times, in great condition, size M. A little too short for me. 

J.Crew cable knit turtle neck, size M. Worn a handful of times, but sat in the closet this season. Starting to pill a bit but still in good shape. 

BR green zebra cardigan, size M. Worn 2-3 times, very cute with jeans/skirts/dress pants. 

It was hard to part with the shoes, but they are simply too big for me! I've worn a couple of times (maybe 3?) but as you can see the inside soles have very minimal wear. GAP size 8. I am generally an 7.5-8, I think they run a tad big...