Monday, April 19, 2010

for now

I vividly recall a conversation that I had with a certain now-blogging friend a few months ago during which we both decided to start blogs upon having babies.
This milestone came quite quickly for her. I still don't even have a dog ( I have, however, picked out a breed, breeder, and name. along with date: november, ha).
Myself, however, am not there yet, but have finally decided to join the world of blogging (I agree with another friend of mine on wondering if I am allowed to have a blog minus a fiance/husband/dog/child?).
Please forgive me if the next year of blogs revolves around my almost-completed thesis, level II fieldwork placements, and general stressors related to being a jobless graduate school student. It's my life for now.

Which, for the record, I am completely content with.

1 comment:

NBG said...

Now I will follow you, stalk you, and bother you when you haven't blogged in forever:)

XOXO Love you!