Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I was SO excited (as lame as it is) that my birthday fell on 10-10-10 this year. Seriously? How neat! In honor of birthday the beau took me on a SUPRISE trip to CHICAGO! In.freaking.credible. 

We had an amazing time exploring the city, shopping and eating (haha)! Here are some highlights, in pictures, of course. 

Loved that 10.10.10 was EVERYWHERE! 

View of Lake Michigan from our 27th floor hotel room

Best. popcorn.ever. Garrett's knows how to do it! 

Our first day wandering around the city 

The ferris wheel at the Navy Pier

View from the ferris wheel 

Navy Pier- so much fun! 

The trees were beautiful! 

Boat tour on Lake Michigan 

View from the John Hancock Building- 94 floors up! 

A piece of pumpkin cheesecake back at home to celebrate... after a weekend full of celebrating! 

My birthday celebration could not have been more perfect. The last year has been challenging but wonderful. I have learned about myself and learned some important life lessons. I have never been one to take for granite my family nor genuine friendship; this year I have somehow developed even more of an appreciation for those close to me. I am a very blessed young (hey, 26 is still young, right?) lady. I couldn't ask for anything more. Cheers to 26- I am excited to see what's in store! 

P.S. In addition to an INCREDIBLE getaway... The beau and my mom got me a PUPPY! More to come. :) 


Laina said...

how fun!! and you got a puppy!!! i can't wait to hear all about it! so glad you had a wonderful bday!

The Guff said...

Yay for a fun trip! SB is the best! And, I already love paisley:) Can't wait to meet her!!! Soon?