Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deck the halls!

I am still decorating. So far I have almost finished painting ornaments. I'm up to almost 30, most being for the tree but several to give as gifts. 

I  finished the mantle/fireplace (but may rearrange). 

And put the garland up on the staircase (but haven't decided how to accessorize it yet).

I decided locations of wreath (but haven't decorated them yet). 

{Indecisiveness is revealing itself as a theme in my decorating this year.}

Here are the ornaments: 

These are for my tree (I must love CSB):

These are gifts for the family/future in-laws:

And this is a special one I decided to add:

Now for the decor:

Everything pictured above has been handed down from my mother or grandmother. They are great, and luckily we have similar taste. The only thing I've purchased this year are ornaments and accessories for the tree (as cheap as I could find them!). 

In the next few days I'm going to share pictures of the front porch, the many wreaths I've hung, and,
the TREE!


Laina said...

Lori those look adorable!! i love ornaments and your fireplace looks great too!

A-town said...

I LOVE the engagement ornament. I would like to reserve one...