Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dreaming of White Christmas

And my dreaming paid off! I awoke Christmas morning to unusual brightness outside my bedroom window. "Did someone roll our house last night?," may or may not have been my first thought. (Did anyone else experience/do this in high school? Our house seemed to be a popular site for "rolling" or "toilet papering from about 1999-2005ish) Alas, nobody rolled our house- it was snowing! I quickly got jumped out of bed and ran to the window (really). I felt like a 5 year old; I was completely giddy.

My mom's house Christmas morning 

The back deck

 Paisley deciding whether she liked snow...

 Still deciding (her poor bows are falling off)...

She likes it, I do believe!

My sweet snow puppy

The fiance and me

Our first Christmas together (we decided to share it with each other's families since next year they will officially be our families) was great. We traveled. A lot. But it was worth it. I have the most amazing family and am so thankful for the time I had to spend with them. 


A-town said...

those pics of paisley are adorable!

Reagan said...

Yep next year you get to start your own traditions. :) Cute pics!!

L.Caroline said...

Thanks, ladies. I am definitely excited about new traditions!