Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saved by The Guff

On Saturday night I attended the fiance's office Christmas party. {Unfortunately, we took NO pictures. In fact, I realize I took NO pictures at the same event last year... Oops.} But here's a shot of my dress:

(Excuse the dog/dog bowls in the background)

Two days before the Christmas party I had several fatalities at the ends of my fingers, as in, I broke (really broke) 3 fingernails. I was forced to cut them down to the quick. And, because they looked so ridiculous among my other long, luscious, sturdy nails I cut all of my fingernails down.

Sad day. Since the fiance placed the bling on my left hand I've taken pride in keeping my nails nice.


{Now, before you get to judgin' I am not one that is normally bothered by a broken fingernail or two. In fact, up until this year my nails were generally non-exeistant as I was a longtime nail-bitter/picker. However, as I said, I've taken a little more pride lately.}

Moral of the story: I slapped some $5.99 fake nails on and called it a night. Sure, if you looked closely you could tell they were fake, however, they did the job! (Thanks to my friend for this genius quick-fix!) Knowing that my left hand would be glanced at a time or twenty I felt so much better not showing off 8 year old boy fingernails.

It could be worse. 


The Guff said...

You look fanTASTIC!!! You always have the cutest outfits. Your nails look fab;) AND I can't WAIT to see your bling bling in a couple days!!! Love you!!!!

The Guff said...

You look FANTASTIC!!! You always have the cutest outifts. Your nails look fab:) AND I can't wait to see that BLING BLING in person in a couple of days!! Love you!!!