Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lazy New Years Day

I don't really do New Year's Eve. Frankly, as lame as this sounds, being out and about makes me a little nervous. People seem to get stupid on NYE and I like being safe and sound inside. I also don't love crowded bars/restaurants/concert venues. Or paying covers.

CSB and I debated on our NYE plans for several weeks... We finally decided on a quiet dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Brentwood and bringing in the new year watching the ball drop on the couch. In PJs. We were the youngest people at Mere Bulles (a-mazing food!) by 15-20 years and I was OK with it.

In leu of a big NYE CSB and I decided to host a brunch today (a hungover brunch for those of our friends that did party hard last night). It was delish. I made my great-grandmother's pound cake, homemade whipped cream, a cheese danish, and a breakfast casserole. The fiance made sausage balls and hash browns. Yummm. We have lots of leftovers that will be munched on as people crash in today for a little football-watching, I am sure.

Here's a look back at 2010:

My first trip to NY in the spring

The little brother graduated from GA Tech (smartie pants!)

An amazing beach getaway with two of my favorite people

Celebrated my mom's __ birthday at Wine on the River in Nashville

Chicago for my 26th on 10/10/10

Got a puppy! 


Hosted a few tailgates

Pulled off a suprise 30th birthday for CSB

Celebrated Christmas with my amazing family

As 2011 begins I am overcome with how much for which I have to be thankful- the things you don't necessarily have stored as an image on your hard drive. I am one blessed girl and look forward for all that 2011 has to offer: Marrying the man of my dreams, graduating with my doctorate, and continuing to learn and grow.


A-town said...

What a blessed 2010 it has been. I am happy for you for so many reasons! Love you!

Reagan said...

Pretty kick as 2010. :) Hope 2011 is even better!!