Friday, January 21, 2011

Ribbon Send Off

The venue at which we are hosting our wedding requests refrain from the use of sparklers, tossed loose flower petals, or tossed bird seed. Completely understandably. After hearing this ideas for an end of the night send off began to run through my head... Bubbles? Ribbon? Flags? Ribbon send off have really caught my attention as of late. I love ribbon and think this is perfect! 

How fun? 
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I love the set up. I for see one HUGE galvanized bucket full of ribbon wands with a big monogram on the front of the bucket. 
 {Image retrieved from goolge}

I don't really care for the beads at the top or the colors... but I love the mixture of different types of ribbon.  
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These are adorable! I don't know how I feel about the bells, though... 
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This blog has a great tutorial:

I love the simplicity of these. 
{Image retrieved}

I really want long, flowy, dramatic, and varying textures/pattersn. 
Did I mention I love ribbon?

Happy Friday! 


mattie said...

oooooh! what a great idea!

Laina said...

what a cute idea! love it!

A-town said...

please do not make these until i can help you with them!

LaLaVerde said...

ooh yeah ditto to allison! um so cute and unique, i haven't seen this before! Will be calling you soon!! ahh!!

LAG said...

I'm using these too! Great minds think alike!

Sara said...

We did these and they were super easy to make!