Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding Inspiration: Colors & Centerpieces

Several weeks ago I shared with you our wonderful wedding venue. Since finding the venue I've scoured wedding blogs every wedding blog and magazine around. I am in love with Southern Weddings Magazine's blog. Obsessed (to those of you who know me, this is not a shock). I also love Martha Stewart Weddings. The most recent magazine, with a cover featuring lots of bling (with a ring that looks almost identical to mine!) is a must for any planner, do-it-your-selfer or otherwise. 

I've made few decisions thus far, but am starting to move in that direction. I envision a simple, classic, southern evening with lots of details reflecting CSB and me. 

Here's the color scheme I'm leaning toward:

(images courtesy of google)

I love green + navy. And hydrangeas. And polka dots. 

And ruffles:

{Source: jcrew.com}
I've seen some beautiful, simple floral arrangements using apples (and some REALLY tacky ones I'm avoiding). I'm thinking: Tall, clear glass vases half-way filled with apples with some tall branches combined with tall white flowers (of sorts? I am still new to the flower thing). 
Something like this + apples:

Keeping with the beach theme, each table was decorated with tall white delphiniums and curly willows, from which candle votives hung.
{Source: theknot.com}

Combined with some short, simple arrangements for the tables: 

Another centerpiece used throughout the room: galvanized pails filled with green leaves and white hydrangeas. Green apple card-holders gave the tables a cohesive look.
{Source: theknot.com}
{Source: theknot.com}

My plan, blog-wise is to do a wedding blog once a week, at minimum, with different ideas, inspirations, and DIY projects I undertake. Please leave comments on what ya like and suggestions! 


The Guff said...

I LOVE it!!! Your wedding will no doubt be one of the classiest, and most beautiful events I have ever been to- I'm sure. I am invited, right? ;) I love navy + green, and I LOVE the apple idea!!! You are so creative. XOXO!!!

A-town said...

Love the new header. and can't wait for the wedding. Can I come. And please do not miss a single detail on your blog about this big day. I want to know all about it!

A-town said...

Love the new header. and can't wait for the wedding. Can I come. And please do not miss a single detail on your blog about this big day. I want to know all about it!

Summer - Real Promises Photography, Hendersonville TN Wedding Photographer said...

Hydrangeas were my wedding flower and I think they are a symbol of timeless. Great choice! Oh, and navy and lime have always been a favorite in my book.

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

oh my, i have soooommmme links for you! and actual magazine clippings I might have to just snail mail you. I wanted a navy wedding once... lol in a past life HA!

Laina said...

i love those colors and different textures! the centerpieces are gorgeous too! I used those tall clear glasses for a few of my wedding flower and i got them at tjmaxx, marshalls and homegoods. They were only around $10-$12!

Ashley said...

Lori! I love it!!!! So creative!

L.Caroline said...

Thanks, gals! I appreciate all of the input!

Send on the links, clippings, and suggestions! :)

Laura said...

Love it Lori!! In agreement, your wedding will absolutely be so beautiful and classy! Love the apples, that's one that's on my secret document too, that's not so secret! haha. Love the centerpieces, the tall ones look like some that Whitney had, and I loved them! Sooo pretty!!!

red said...

Thanks for the idea of apples :D as centerpiece, love it!

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