Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Southern Weddings Love

Have I mentioned my LOVE for the Southern Weddings blog? Oh yes, I think it was just yesterday... And many times before! 

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Several days ago I posted a blog about my navy + black dilemma when it came to matching the bridesmaids and groomsmen. After posting, I also decided to email Emily with Southern Weddings, as I found several etiquette posts she had written in the past. Not only did she quickly email me back- my question was answered on the blog! 

Check it out here: The SW official opinion.  

I loved the 3 options they suggested! I will keep you posted on my decision. Thanks, SW ladies! 


emily said...

so...I'm in nashville too! crazy! a. love the boots option, especially for an outdoor wedding. This is a wedding my photographer friend shot with the reception at Belle Meade plantation with some boots...

hope that helps! good luck with the planning!

L.Caroline said...

It's such a small world! I love the pictures- thanks for passing them along. And I am loving your blog! I just started browsing back through it and you have some great ideas! Good luck as finish up planning your wedding!