Friday, March 25, 2011

spring shopping

I am beyond ready for spring to settle it's warm self down and stay around! Last week was such a tease (Didn't spring's momma teach him not to be a tease?). I'm ready though. CSB and I are headed to Orlando next Thursday to visit the dad so I will have a chance to beak out my warm weather duds! I was in a bit of a funk yesterday and somehow ended up at the mall... Oops! 
{I tried to be productive and work on my residency. I packed up my bag and computer and went to Starbucks around noon. Purchased my skinny caramel macchiato. Settled into a chair and opened my computer to realize she was dead. AND I didn't bring my charger. And then I ended up at the mall.}

My main plan was to go to Sephora and spend way too much a bit of money on new makeup! I've been so excited to go but it wasn't really a "take a 5 and 9 year old along" trip for the weekend. Granted, they are very well behaved but would not have enjoyed the trip, especially  all-boy M. 

Here's what I walked out with: 
Nars Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo in Orgasm/Laguna 
I literally debated this purchase for 10 minutes solid. I went back and forth between just the blush, the duo, the multiple... Decisions, decisions! I finally went with the duo and am SO pleased thus far. I went into Sephora with little makeup (purposefully, to try stuff out!) and came out feeling fresh-faced! The orgasm blush was recommended by more than one person and I am loving it after only a day. 

This was another product recommended by several readers, or a similar benefit product. I have used Benefit products in the past and always been very satisfied so I went for it! I debated between this and High Beams (another reader recommendation!) and ended up going with this one because it seemed to work with my skin a little better. I love the glow it gives without being sparkly or too shiny. 

I also got a tinted moisturizer. I really wanted to try one of these: 

But the Sephora I visited didn't carry the Dr. Dennis Gross and were out of the Benefit one... Seriously? So, I went with a small/travel size of this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer on the recommendation of a super sweet saleslady. I'm crossing my fingers! It looked great yesterday when I got home but I haven't used it yet today. 

I also snuck into LOFT which is right next door to Sephora in search of sale items... Of COURSE I found nothing on sale, their small sizes always go SO dang fast. I did get these adorable linen shorts I am so excited to wear in Orlando, though. I have a really hard time finding shorts I like that flatter me... They are either too short or just don't fit well. Longer shorts aren't very flattering on me, either. I need something short but not booty/teenager short! These are great and they come in several colors and patterns. (Picture I took yesterday to send my mom. LAME, I know, but my mom is my ultimate shopping partner.) 

I am so excited about wearing them with these little guys, an awesome CHEAP find a few weekends ago at Sears Shoe Store near my hometown. I love wedges with shorts! 

And this little HOBO I found at TJMaxx for less than half of retail. Score! 

I also got some great deals at BR yesterday. 2 shirts for $30! 
I got this tunic in a light army green color and love it. I wore it yesterday afternoon with jean capris and can't wait to wear it with skinny white pants (which I am on the hunt for!). I got a cute button down, too, for $12.97. Everything was an additional 25% off which was even better! 

Happy Friday, everyone! Be sure to check out the blog sale I posted yesterday! 

Thank you again for all of your great makeup suggestions! It's date night (first in a LONG time!) for CSB and I tonight and I can't wait to use everything. 


Christin {at} Carolina City Girl said...

i love it all! i have heard wonderful things about Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer - you'll have to let me know how you like it!

and i have the same shorts issue...which is why i have J. Crew's 5" inseam chinos in a variety of colors ;) they're the perfect length!

Chelsea said...

I've been considering getting the NARS duo! Glad you posted about it!

Chelsea said...

Oh and your comment made me crack up! I am so glad there are other people who aren't best friends with their vehicles. at least we try to be good to them.:)

Mallory said...

I have the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and really like it! It's got spf, but doesn't have a smell and it's really light and smooth. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling, and it does a good job evening my skin out.

Gentri said...

OH I love those shorts! So cute! And I can just picture the green tunic with white skinnies and it's going to be amazing. :) I need to go shoppping!!

Gentri said...

So I tagged you on my blog today. :) Hop over to see.

Cat said...

I love is like going on a treasure hunt!!!! I always spend way more money than I intend to but the make-up and beauty finds are always such a treat! xx Cat

arre said...

thanks for your fun comment about my fave cocktail napkins! cute blog - great makeup suggestions and i WANT those shorts! have a great day! x