Sunday, March 6, 2011

accomplishments and a little bragging

I've been a little MIA this week... I've been a busy, busy little bride-to-be! WE, as in the fiance and I, have accomplished a lot this week. I have to brag on the CSB a little... He has really helped out this week and I have been so impressed and so thankful. I've had a full week residency-wise, leaving limited time for wedding planning.

  • He booked hotel blocks (which ended up being a more difficult feat than initially anticipated as Vanderbilt plays UGA at home that weekend). 
  • He looked into wedding party/guest travel options (I love the idea of a trolley but since our ceremony and reception are at the same venue it doesn't make much sense cost-wise). 
  • He found an array of local bands to choose from and we booked one yesterday. 

Don't worry, I have contributed! I am working on nailing down a wedding photographer. It has been much more of a job than I expected... There are SO many talented photographers in the Nashville area. A photographer is something I am willing to spend good money on, as the pictures are one of the few tangible things left after months of planning, styling, and money-spending. Sure, I'll have a few other things to remind me of the day from a tangible perspective but the pictures are different. However, I am also a bride on a budget and am trying really, really hard to adhere. A decision will officially be made this week and I am very excited. My wedding planner has been working overtime and I am very grateful. I also downloaded a trial of Adobe Photoshop and have been putting in long hours at night designing/learning. We are headed to Kinko's this morning (cross your fingers!) for a trial print of our Save The Dates.

Yesterday CSB and I made good use of a yucky, cold, rainy day by registering! I really anticipated CSB hating the process more than he did. I am pretty sure he secretly liked it. We walked out of Macy's at the end of the day and he made a comment along the lines of feeling like he had just bought lots of great stuff without spending a dollar. We started the day at Macy's, but after standing around for close to 15 minutes without finding anyone to help us or being acknowledged, we moved to Pottery Barn. Ahhh, love. Pottery Barn is one of my all time favorite home stores and I have been so excited to do our registry there.

Side note: When we got engaged I did not want to register AT ALL. I felt selfish doing so, as we really don't need that much. Want? Sure. Need? Nope. However, my FMIL reminded me people are going to buy us gifts and if we don't register, we could get some crazy stuff. OK, point made.

Anyway. The ladies at Pottery Barn were super sweet and got us set up with the scanner gun (which, for the record, never made it into my hands) and we went to picking out and scanning. It did feel good to walk out the doors feeling accomplished without spending a penny!  We took a lunch/hydration break and ventured back to Macy's. The second go around went better than the first and we got all registered there, too. CSB is now a registering connoisseur, if any one needs to borrow him. According to him, the scanner at PB was much better than at Macy's (and I agree, as we came home and around 15 items from Macy's had not scanned...).

Since I don't really have anything photo-worthy to post this week, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite PB registry items.

Cheese, anyone?

You can't really see the detail of this serving platter but it says "Serve" along the top edge. CSB and I both loved the antique silver, too!

We're off to print STDs, pick-out groomsmen attire, and tour hotels! Have a wonderful Sunday. 


Laina said...

you have gotten so much done! and i LOVED registering at pottery barn!!

L.Caroline said...

It was SO much fun!! And we found a lot more than I expected!