Thursday, March 10, 2011

an exciting reveal

I am excited to share some great wedding-related news. 
CSB and I (well, probably more my righthand woman/aka wedding planner, Liz, and I) have found a photographer. (!!!) 
I've known from day one photography was a BIG deal to me. I wanted a photographer to capture natural, heartfelt images from the big day. I also love "artsy" detailed pictures. I obviously want great frame-worthy pictures of the fiance and I but I also want pictures that are frame worthy for future kiddos rooms, bathrooms, etc. 
Does that sound totally weird?? 

First of all, the great photographer search has been no small feat. There are many, many talented photographers in the Nashville area. I spoke with several and they all impressed me in one way or the other! However, when I met with Betsy I immediately knew my search was over! She is so sweet and listened attentively as I rambled described what I wanted. 
She also brought a book along with her to show off a previous wedding she had photographed- the couple in the album eerily resembled CSB and I. 
I swear, the girl and I could have shared a closet and the guy was so similar in stature to CSB and redheaded! Hilarious. 

Without further ado, let me introduce her to ya: Ms. Betsy Limbaugh
Her website houses some a-mazing images... Even if your not in Nashville or not looking for a wedding photographer at the moment- check it out! I am very excited. 

Here are a very select few of my favorites: 


The Guff said...

i just stalked her website!!! LOVE her pictures. Nice choice! And... the last picture, right? ;)

L.Caroline said...

Yes! It was SO crazy! It's like she knew, haha!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

Omg. So similar!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pictures!! Cant wait to see her website in class tomorrow :)