Friday, March 11, 2011

please be seated

Ever since my journey into wedding planning began I have been obsessed with place cards on tables. However, since we are having a laid back cocktail hour followed by a buffet-style meal (complete with a carving station and second awesome and so "us" food station) we won't be needing place cards. I really tried to work table numbers or place cards in somehow... But it just doesn't make much sense. 

CSB and I were talking a few days ago about our rehearsal dinner it hit me. Place cards for the rehearsal dinner! Go ahead, laugh at me for getting excited over something so silly (CSB did). Literally, I am giddy over all of the fun ideas I've seen out there in the wedding-blog world. 

{Side note: I am also VERY excited a friend of CSB's, and now mine, has volunteered to photograph our rehearsal dinner as her wedding gift to us. How sweet and a perfect gift since I photograph obsessed and want to have pictures from every single event between now and the wedding.}  

Back to the place cards... I'm stoked. I mean, just look at some of these! I love them all from simple to whimsical. {Images via} I've a lot more cute ones but apparently didn't save them to my computer. 

Do you have any creative (DIY/cost effective) ideas for place cards? Please share! 


mattie said...

I LOVE the apple ones!

A-town said...

those are all so cute