Monday, April 4, 2011

airport updating

Good Monday morning! My morning started over 5 hours ago at 3:45 am... Yuck! We are flying on Delta friends and family passes (yay for free tickets!) and therefor booked the earliest flight out of Orlando to try and get back to Nashville at a decent time. We made the flight from Orlando to Atlanta with no problems, even getting seats together, to miss our flight in Atalnta. Bummer! We flew into terminal A and our next flight was in terminal E- not just terminal E but the furthest gate in the terminal. UGH. It was slightly annoying because we got to the counter at 7:22 (it was a 7:30 flight) and they wouldnt let us board. I'm ok waiting for the next flight but CSB really needed to get back!

Anyway... The weekend was filled with gorgeous weather and yummy food. Definitely not quite the weekend I anticipated, but such is life. CSB and I got to do some outlet shopping (Vineyard Vines and J.crew and LOFT were my main targets!) and spend yesterday poolside.

I took NO pictures... Probably a good thing since I broke out the summer clothes and am still pretty pale. :) I did snap a few on my iPhone, though. I'll have to share them once I am on my computer!


The Guff said...

Glad you had fun! Selfishly wishing your delay in Atlanta was longer ;) xoxo

Gentri said...

I'm glad that you had a great time in Orlando! I have been trying to visit there for a long time now and other things just keep coming up. :P I'm sorry about the flight issues. I used to like flying but now I can't stand it... I get sick. Never happened until two years ago. Kinda frustrating. haha!