Thursday, April 28, 2011

the morning light

I have been so excited to get back to blogging this week... To talk about wedding projects, and engagement pictures, and showers. To share the new, exciting things going on in my life. 

However, I simply cannot return to the "everyday" without recognizing the tragedy of yesterday's tornados. Ringgold, GA was hit hard, areas destroyed, and is a mere 10 miles from my mom's home. I am very thankful the storms did not take a different course. My heart aches it had to be someone else's family, though. 
I cannot imagine what it felt like to wake up to total destruction. To shuffle through the rubble of what once was your bedroom or living room. 

Tuscaloosa was also hit incredibly hard. Again, it is so sad. 

My prayers are with all of the families affected by this tragedy as they pick up the pieces of their lives among the rubble; as they search for loved ones; and as they deal with very unexpected loss. 

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Gentri said...

Oh I'm so glad you and your family are ok! These storms have been crazy. I will keep you and everyone out there in my prayers.