Saturday, June 18, 2011

country roads

I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer break from work (you know, from the whole 3 weeks I've put in thus far!). As I went straight from school to working, it was much needed. It started on Monday night at my Mom's house, then she and I went on to my little brother's for the night, and then to my grandparents' house for the rest of the week. 

It was great to see my little brother and help him with a few things in his house (hanging 6 pictures in his dining room with screws and a screwdriver...) and have dinner on his awesome back porch. I also enjoyed an evening dip in his pool! 

The visit to my grandparents was equally wonderful. We ended up staying an extra night because I know it may be awhile before I get back to visit. They live almost 7 hours from Nashville so it's not a trip I am able to make very often! Our days were filled with relaxation and nights with movies. Perfect. 

(I did lots of tea-drinking!) 

Our drive home today took significantly longer then expected... Enter road construction on 75 N. Yuck!! Luckily the pups are the best behaved travelers ever and slept through the entire drive. 

So, while at my grandmother's we ventured out one day to a local nursery/antiques/gift shop. They had some adorable accessories and antiques! I picked this up for my future MIL & FIL as they have been looking for a chest similar to one I have of my grandparents'. If for some reason they decided they don't love it my mom and I are already fighting over it's ownership! 

I also picked this up for sweet P-puppy. I hate seeing/having dog dishes out for whatever reason but this makes it a bit more bearable, as I've been on the hunt for cuter (but big enough) dog bowls. 

Paisley also thoroughly enjoyed the trip to her great-Gaga's house. She and Sydney (little brother's dog) ran and played in the back yard and she was in heaven! She did get into a little trouble yesterday while unattended in the back yard. Thankfully she only decided to try to dig up a tree root (it was just a big stick to her- her favorite thing to chew!) and none of my grandmother's gorgeous flowers or plants. 

After her bath... She just got a haircut last week and I already had to trim the hair out of her eyes! 

She was so funny. I put the towel over her and then took a picture. For whatever reason she didn't think she was supposed to move and sat like this for a good 5 minutes (a long time to sit still in Paisley-world!). 

Mom and I are off to a wedding this evening! I know sweet MB will be a beautiful bride and I can't wait! CSB was planning to come, however, it just didn't make much sense for him to drive down for one night and us have to drive back sepearately together first thing in the morning. So, I am going stag with my momma (and probably in the same dress I wore to a wedding a few weeks ago, haha!). 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Gentri said...

Aw paisley is so cute!! I love that doggy dish! So pretty!