Monday, June 27, 2011

monday pinning

Over the last few months I've received multiple invitations and urges toward using pinterest. Initially, I didn't quite understand the concept. Why do I need to bookmark pictures online when I can just save them to my computer? Well... A few days ago I was searching through the 100s of pictures I've saved wedding-related and after finding it wondered, "hmmmm... where did this come from again?" 

Enter my obsession with pinterest. I now understand why everyone loves it.

Here are just a few images I've pinned in the last 24 hours: 

I'm just a little obsessed. And wish I started pinning the moment I started planning. 

If you are on pinterest feel free to follow along!

Do you pin? Share, please! :) 


Gentri said...

I will follow you! Although... I havnt had a chance to get into it (or do anything) yet. Haha!

Sunny & Star said...

I am so addicted to pinterest too.

LCR said...

I am totally in the same situation as you-- I really had no idea with this 'pinning' was all about:) But the more I've looked at others, and like to find images for my blog, the more useful it seems. must. start. soon.

it would be so good for wedding planning!

p-ess: thanks for finding me and coming by my blog-- love meeting new blog friends, i'm off to check out more of your little space:)

Chelsea said...

I love pinterest! Follow me ChelseaAF.