Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dear blog, you've not been forgotten.

It has been a CRAZY few weeks. Story of my life lately, I know. August is an insane month at work, as I have discovered through experience and prior warning. Only a few more hours left of the month, and I'm still alive! It's worth a mini celebration in my book. Oh wait, a celebration is taking place in the form of stuffing invitations tomorrow night with wine (the celebratory part)

On that note, I'm so glad my invitations finally arrived this week, after way too many multiple revisions. At one point I received a proof with the word reception spelled "recpton"... I double checked my spelling from my previous email correspondence and it was correct. Fail. At that point I was quite nervous about the final product! They arrived yesterday and look great. Not my first choice for invitations, but hey, they aren't really what is important in the big picture. Essentially, after being faced with an epic last minute budget cut (more on that later, maybe) they were one of the items on which we chopped costs.

I would love to post pictures from my two showers last weekend but poor 'ol Molly the MacBook is out of memory and currently accepting no new pictures. Sad day. I'm trying to locate my external hard drive to remedy this problem but it's pretty far down on my to do list.

Sheesh! This isn't much for a positive blog post. It is a realistic look into the craziness of wedding planning, however. I am ready for October 15. End of blog post for the evening. :)

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Mrs. Lovely said...

I actually wish I had spent less on invitiations. I didn't really go for the most expensive, but I was scared to try the online stores that were cheaper so we bought them at a registry boutique in town. It's September 1 so hopefully this month is a little calmer and a lot more fun, It's Football Time!