Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY details

I took on many DIY projects in the months leading up to the wedding. For any brides planning to do things yourself, I advise: Start projects as early as possible! I am a natural procrastinator and though I got some projects done ahead of time, many were completed in the two weeks before the wedding. Thankfully I had a great friend at work who talked some sense into me or I would have waited even later! Here's a peek at some of the the things I did for the wedding. If anyone would like a step-by-step tutorial for any of the projects feel free to leave a comment below!

Max's sign. SO last minute. And SO easy! 

 Painted on Saturday morning at 6 am. As in the Saturday of the wedding. 

A sweet friend helped with these... I almost forgot about them! I bought hangars on Friday and assembled for myself and all of the bridesmaids. 

Spray painted frame + chalkboard paint on the glass. The burlap votives were also handmade. 

And the moss ones. 

Very thankful for a friend who was patient enough to set up the printing for this. Assembly was tedious but a great zone-out-in-front-of-the-tv project. 

Simple. And painted on Thursday before the wedding...

Another simple project made from a plywood board painted with several coats of chalkboard paint. Moss was glued onto board with a hot glue gun. 

I can't actually take credit here... My sweet momma sewed all of the burlap runners for the wedding! This one is now being put to great use on our kitchen table. 


Carolina On My Mind said...

Love the little details of your wedding! I especially like the "Here Comes The Bride" sign, the little boy is adorable as well!

Ashley Welling said...

Lori, everything looks amazing! I love the personalized cornhole!

Sarah said...

I love the chalkboard drink menus! I'm thinking about doing something similar for my wedding but I was wondering if you put a clear coat of anything over the top so that the chalk doesn't run or rub off. I'd like to make them ahead of time and just store them but I don't want to ruin them. Thanks!!

Kate said...

Omg - I'm obsessed with everything. I just made a chalkboard for my "seating sign" - It turned out just but I LOVE your handwriting for the signature drinks.. I just might have to give it a shot!