Friday, December 16, 2011

blogging 'til the baby

Not our baby, of course! The title of this blog is how rumors get started... My poor blog has been neglected over the last few weeks for this reason or that and I cannot quite figure out how to balance blogging with real-life commitments (which rank far superior, obviously). Well, my sweet, pregnant friend has unknowingly (hope you're ok with this!) inspired me to get back to it. She is currently awaiting baby numero dos, who decided to begin his entrance into the world just a weeeee bit early. And she's stuck in the hospital until he arrives. 

If I was stuck on bed rest in the hospital, I would get bored. Quickly. And one of the go-tos for entertainment would be to stalk my friends (and friends of friends and complete strangers) blogs. So came my idea: blog everyday until baby boy G is here. Not that my life is uber-interesting and my sweet friend N is dying to read about it. But, to give her a little reading/browsing material just in case she's bored. AND to get myself back to blogging. 

Now that I have spent a significant amount of time explaining the contrived method of my return to blogging, I guess I should actually share something share-worthy... I am currently sitting on the couch, already in my pajamas, working on a new blog design and browsing the cable guide for a cheesy Christmas movie. A perfect Friday night? Pretty close. It will only be made better when the hubs makes it home! 

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend.

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