Sunday, December 18, 2011

sunday sewing lessons

The hubs got me a sewing machine for graduation (in May) and I am still yet to darn even a sock with it (wait, I'm pretty sure you don't darn socks with sewing machines)  sew a single stitch with it. I did attempt to use it during a night of wedding craftiness with coworkers but never got past threading the bobbin. Oops. 

So, today is the day. I am officially going to sew my first project: an I Spy pillow. I saw this idea months ago on Pinterest and have wanted to make it ever since for work! I also planned to make one for our junior bridesmaid and ring bearer but it just didn't happen. 

I've "pinned" about 20 sewing projects I eventually want to undertake. And have already picked out fabric in my head from this amazing store down the street for several projects. 

How cute is this scarf?? My friend I am sewing with today wears scarfs on a daily basis from October to May, so I am hoping to talk her into doing this for our next project! 

And this bag? The perfect (cute) carry-all for workdays. And of course I love all things with bows...

Pretty sure the hubs will snub his nose at this project as he already thinks our monogrammed dishtowel collection is too much... I love changing out my dishtowels frequently, however, and these would also make great gifts! 

J.Crew-esque? Yes, please! 

Can't wait to share my creations! 


A-town said...

super cute ideas. I'm hoping santa will bring me one!

Laina said...

yay i can't wait to see what you make! could you give me the link for that bag! sooo cute :)

katie lake said...

I feel I must warn you that sewing becomes addictive!