Thursday, June 28, 2012

summer salads

I love, love, love summer salads. I would much rather eat several salads for lunch than something hot when it's almost 100 degrees outside! Here are a few of my favorites as of late.
Watermelon cucumber salad: This has quickly become a summer favorite. One seedless watermelon and two cucumbers chopped up, salted, and drained overnight... Add pepper, additional salt if desired for taste, and feta and you're set! Delicious. 

"Recycled" corn salad: This salad originated from leftovers we had from cooking out last weekend. We had several ears of fresh corn as well as several slices of tomatoes and onions left from hamburger toppings. I hate wasting food, so I decided to chop up the tomatoes and onion and cut the corn off the cob and row them in a bowl... A little salt and pepper and viola! The salad was simple and yummy and was also good on fish tacos one night for dinner. 

The "blue" salad: Another made up, simple salad. Spinach leaves, blueberries, blue cheese. That's it! Top with dressing if desired. Might sound a little boring but I've been loving it this week. 

Greek orzo salad: Yet another made-up salad based loosely around recipes floating around on the internet. Cook orzo and cool. Add a little bit of olive oil to coat. Toss in halved cherry tomatoes, sliced kalamata olives, toasted pine nuts (Oh yea, toast pine nuts while you're cooking the orzo!), and a little sea salt and pepper. Again, viola! Easy peasy. 

Sweet potato salad: I'm stil working on an official "recipe" for this one. I had it at whole foods a few weeks ago and am still working to make a good imitation! But so far my tries have been delicious. 

(Red bowl: Watermelon cucumber salad; green: "Recycled" corn salad; blue: Sweet potato salad)

And... I have a confession. At the risk of exposing my absolute inability to spell, I am sharing an embarrassing moment I had with the hubs last weekend while composing the grocery list. I've never really been sure about the spelling of tomato and potato. I always, always question when they need an e on the end! As I wrote out the grocery list on Sunday, including a singular tomatoe, my husband (ever so lovingly, of course) quickly pointed out my mistake and filled me in on only needing an e before an s. Silly me. 


Bethany said...

The "Recycled" salad would be SO good on chips as a dip/salsa!

Bethany said...

Also I'm giving you an award. Check it out!

Christi Lynn said...

mmm summer salads are the best!

Sierra said...

I love your blog!!
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