Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful Friday (I missed Thursday...)

I am sitting at my mom's house sipping coffee and blogging and half listening to Regis and Kelly in the background. Ahhh, bliss.

[Side note: I was. Until my grandfather accidentally left the back door open and my mom's dogs sprinted out, followed by my 3 month old Paisley pup. I rallied the beau fiance quickly (who happened to already be wearing shoes) and he and I (barefooted) sprinted through the woods and across the street to corral the trio. Did I mention that it's quite chilly and spitting rain?]

Back to relaxing, as the kitchen is being swept and Paisley barks incessantly at the broom. I don't get it. She tolerates vacuum cleaners but goes nuts over brooms. The fiance is reading in the arm chair and tuning out the world. My grandmother is reading in the other arm chair chit chatting between pages. Why am I giving you a panoramic of my living room, you ask? 

Because these are the things I am thankful for. 

:A mother who still decorates to the hilt because we, her children, love it. It wouldn't be the holidays to me without fresh greenery in almost every room of the house, garlands on the mantles and stairway, a gorgeous Christmas tree in the living room, and Department 56 Christmas cottages lining every shelf and bookcase in the office. It's gorgeous, and feels like home. I get a little sentimental during the holidays, please excuse me. 

:A grandmother who is feisty and speaks her mind on any and everything. She taught me how to fend for myself when I was younger and how to punch (to this day I still have a pretty good swing). She was the baby of 12, Johnnie Sarah (Johnnie, because she was supposed to be a boy and even out the dozen) and she is now a mother of 1, grandmother of 2, and great-grand-puppy-mother of 2! She is incredible and I love her with all of my heart.

:A brother who is one of my best friends. Seriously, I would do anything for the (23 year old) kid. He's funny and witty and smart as hell. He's already working while I am still in school. I am very thankful for him and the friendship we had. Though it hasn't always been that way... As I mentioned, my grandmother taught me to hit, which didn't really help our relationship when we were younger and he wasn't allowed to hit me back. 

:A grandfather who is beyond generous with his family, friends, and even complete strangers. He tends to be a man of few words (unless you get him talking about UGA football) but has a heart of gold. 

:A fiance who loves me unconditionally, even when I am dancing around in my PJs shaking bells and singing Christmas carols off tune. Not that I've ever done that. He. is. incredible. And I have thoroughly enjoyed our first holiday together. I cannot imagine my life without him. 

:Friends who are there through thick and thin; friends that make me laugh and are there when I cry. Friends who help me decorate for suprise parties and friends that remember my birthday every single year without fail. Friends far and near, single, married, and mothers. Friends who will lay in bed and cry with me when my world falls apart and go to breakfast in their sweats with me after a long night of studying. 

I am one blessed girl, every single day of the year. This is definitely a more sappy post, but please forgive me. It's that time of year, I'm allowed. 

I hope that everyone is having/had a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving. 


A-town said...

I read every word. I am thankful for you and I love you very much!

PS I found myself today giving some advice to Bess (my "little sister")that an old sage once told me... "nothing good w/ a boy happens after midnight." Haha Muah!

L.Caroline said...

That's some of my favorite advice. :) I'm glad it was passed along!

Reagan said...

I tried twice to respond to this blog... but I just don't have anything to say other than I loved ever detail. Such a blessing to be with our loved ones. :)

Ashley said...

I love seeing pictures of your mom's house! She still does it up big!

And I think I was around when a few of those punches were aimed at Ryan. :)

P.S. I officially love following your blog!