Sunday, November 21, 2010

SUPRISE! The fiance's 30th (suprise!) party

Happy (early) 30th CSB! 

The fiance will be 30 on Thursday. With his birthday falling on/close to Thanksgiving every year it isn't always properly celebrated. He usually is with family (which he loves!) but I thought it would be fun to get his friends together and celebrate. I love birthdays, and feel as if they should be celebrated thoroughly. I also love playing the hostess role and planning/baking/decorating (not a shock to those of you who know me).  CSB took me to Chicago for my birthday- I can't really top that but I wanted to do something special for him, especially since it's the big 3-0!

(Feel free to scroll down to the pictures if you are bored by the details of the process. I won't be offended know!)

Here's some quick advice on party planning from a rookie:

Advice: Choose easy foods that can be prepared ahead or quickly assembled day of event
Considerations: Any allergies/special dietary needs of friends: For example, I have a good friend that is a vegetarian and prepared pimento cheese sandwiches and veggie chilli. Make sure you have options that everyone can enjoy.

I made chili, various sandwiches, and guacamole. I cooked the meat for the chili the day before and stored it in the fridge. I made the pimento cheese for sandwiches the day before, too. Two of my friends volunteered to help day of and were key in helping with the food prep.

I made the cake layers and icing the day before the party and stored them overnight. I assembled and decorated the cake the morning of the party.

Have a "signature" drink or food item that is special to the person you are celebrating. CSB loves the glass bottles of coke. I made a drink menu using the coke and displayed the bottles on the bar. It was a hit! The cake was also golf-themed, a favorite hobby of CSB.

Advice: Do it yourself decor is far cheaper, and my personal opinion, cuter, than pre-made. I made a run to a local party supply store and picked up a few odds and ends but relied mostly on homemade decor. The flag banner is my favorite and could be used for a multitude of occasions. Very simple! All you need is scrapbook paper/construction paper, ribbon, and glue.

For the table I used all silver (well, really more stainless steel than silver) platters and dishes that coordinated but didn't all match. The tiered piece pictured with sandwiches is a piece I've wanted and finally found week of the party for $19.99 at TJ Maxx. Score! I borrowed several pieces from my mom, too.

 With the help of several of my friends as well as CSB's friends the party was successful! CSB was surpised and we all had a great night. The look on his face when he walked in the back door was truly priceless!

We continued the celebration on Saturday at the tailgate. I made a carrot cake- definitely the best cake I've ever made- if anyone needs a good holiday recipe let me know and I will pass along the recipe. Unfortunately I have very few pictures. I did make a banner to make sure everyone knew!


A-town said...

Stop it! Did you make that cake? It is too cute!

Reagan said...

Seriously, next party... you're hired! :) You have the best ideas and make the cutest cakes.

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