Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mason Jar Mayhem

I heart mason jars. 

I heart them as vases. And drinking glasses. And lanterns. 
They are oh-so-versatile. 

And, at around $17/dozen (I'm not convinced I can't find them for cheaper) they are fairly cost effective. 
{{I've been hoarding lots of great images this week but haven't had the time to blog.}}

Love this! Simple. I can already picture these hung in lots of little nooks and crannies around the venue.

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Again, love. 
{Another from}

{Image retrieved from google}

{Image retrieved from google}

How fun is this? I adore all of the different sizes arranged together. Perfect on top of a burlap monogrammed runner.
{Image retrieved from google}

Lemonade, anyone? 
{Image retrieved from google}

Oh, you'd prefer sangria?
{Image retrieved from google}

 And one more, just in case you're not convinced of their versatility. 
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Laina said...

o i love mason jars! they really are so versatile! You should look at yard sales this spring for different sizes.

A-town said...

I want to come up one weekend and help you make billions of them for the wedding!

L.Caroline said...

Good call, alaina! I will have to start looking for them.
Allison- yes, please!

mattie said...

i love them, too. and i have probably 5 dozen in my pantry currently, and more in the shed out back. too bad i don't live closer; you could use them!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

i have three of these saved on my comp from a long time ago and much more that I'm going to send your way once I get the file organized- they're about $9 a dozen at WALMART!

Sara said...

I LOVE your mason jar inspiration pics! Great ideas!

L.Caroline said...

Thanks, Sara!

L.Caroline said...

Thanks, Sara!