Monday, January 10, 2011

Save the Date Ideas, Take 2

I've had trouble posting images lately... They all show up initially, for me, anyway. And then they are gone! I know this is annoying to those of you attempting to following my blogging. Thanks for the patience. I'm still pretty new to this. 

The next big thing on my actual "to do" list (versus my "to book"/"to reserve" lists) is picking out save the date cards. This is something I am really excited about! Since our wedding falls smack in the middle of football season (sorry boyfriends/fiances/husbands of my wedding attendants) I want to give everyone plenty of time to get our date on their calendar and figure out a way to plan around it. There are lots of sports bars in Nashville, folks! Lucky for the fiance, Vanderbilt is hosting UGA that weekend. His idea? Host a tailgate day of. As in day OF our wedding. Boys will be boys! And I digress...

Back to save the dates! I've found lots and lots that I love and am yet to make any commitments. Here's a preview of some I like: 

Love the navy polka dots + green

Again, love the navy blue + green. And the stripes inside the envelope. I am all about details.

How. stinking. cute! But time consuming. This would be a make-it-myselfer! I'm guessing 20+ hours for as many as I'll need? Hmmmmm...

Navy + green... You already know my feelings. 

I think this might be an invitation. I love the simple, 1 letter monogram. This is definitely something I would consider for invitations. 

{Images courtesy of google}


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

i love the green with the striped envelope! so classy and fresh, very kate spade/ tory burch ish!

mattie said...

oooh... i love the first two especially. i am seriously loving your blog these days. i wish i could plan a wedding every year!!!

mattie said...

So I was browsing through style me pretty today.... actually looking for decorating ideas for my baby girl's nursery, and I saw some things that made me think of you. I loved the green hydrangeas hanging with the blue ribbon here:

and i thought this wedding was adorable. if you change your plans and get married on a dairy farm, look at the cute way they covered the hay bales!!

here's a cute apple idea...

okay, that's all. back to browsing. love you!

L.Caroline said...

Mattie- I'm obsessed with everything about the first link- the navy blue + white stripped table cloths... the green accents... And love the hanging hydrangeas!

Also- LOVE the dairy farm pictures. I really wanted to get married in a barn. A plain, old, simple, red barn. Easier said than done! However, I am seriously considering the hay idea even though it's not a dairy farm... Horses eat hay, too, right? Great for casual extra seating and thrifty!

Third link- SO funny... I just downloaded that picture last night. :)

Thanks for all the great ideas!