Monday, January 31, 2011

Matching the 'Maids and the Men

Well, coordinating is really more what I am going for.

Though I am over the moon about our fall wedding date, I am a little jealous of the spring and summer brides out there. If we were getting married at any point between Easter and Labor day the boys would be donned in seersucker. My favorite! However, I was not willing to stretch our engagement from a year to a year and a half over the attire of our bridal party. The male attendants, at that....

Here's the dilemma (it's not truly a dilemma, per say, I just need some second opinions):

I originally planned to do either khakis+button down+bow ties+navy blazers.

{Image retrieved:}

{Image retrieved:}

Something like this, end result: 
(Featured wedding from This entire wedding=love)

OR navy suits+bow ties...

{Image from; "Beau"tie from Southern Proper}

However, my mom keeps hinting that we should do tuxes... So I am taking it into consideration. 

The always (unless it's Dumb & Dumber-style) classic tux...

{Image from}

{Image from}

But a black tux with navy? This is ok? And can I do a fun bowtie? Think Southern Proper or Vineyard Vines...

Thoughts, please! 


Side note: My little (6'2", 23 year old) brother (pictured above) insists he will not wear a bow tie (and is part of the wedding party)... We have come to an agreement. 
He will wear one only if I refer to it as a "lady-catcher". 
Whatever makes him happy, I mean, it is all about him. 


The Guff said...

PLEASE have the groomsmen wear bowties!!! So classic and southern. Love. It! I can't wait!!!

A-town said...


Reagan said...

I like the first look for the men.. but that being said I think it gives it a little bit of a more causual feel.

They say formality should be dictated by the time of the wedding and your dress. :)

Good luck deciding.

Sara said...

I absolutely LOVE this look! I have a thing for bowties :) Love your inspiraton pics! Can't wait to see what you guys chose!

mattie said...

A couple of thoughts.... I googled black tuxes + navy and found this interesting tidbit on the knot... according to them it's fine! I also saw that Ralph Lauren makes navy tuxedos... so there's an option too. Don't know if that would work if you do the navy J. Crew dresses, though.

Finally, I saw these on etsy and LOVE them... you can order this pattern in a bow tie for only $21!!

(and by bow tie, I mean lady-catcher, of course.)

L.Caroline said...

Thanks ladies for all of the suggestions/advice/encouragement!

Natalie, Allison, and Sara- "Lady-catchers" (known to the general public as bowties) are definitely a must. I'm obsessed!

Reagan- thanks for the formality advice. I am looking for a dress that is a little more casual... Think simple with sheen but not poofy/glittery/over the top. So, I think suits or khakis honestly go better.

Mattie- I am going to owe you wedding planning fees! Love it. Those lady-catchers are adorable. And the perfect color.

Thanks for all the suggestions/advice!

L.Caroline said...
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