Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ooooo, Shellac!

I finally broke down and got a manicure, shellac style. (Shellacacure?) Though it's only day 2, it. is. awesome. I am NOT a manicure girl. I like my nails to look healthy but I never like the way my nails look polished. AND the polish always chips within 24 hours. I don't live a manicure-friendly lifestyle. However, I keep hearing awesome things about the shellac and decided to give it a whirl. I went with a very light pink/neutral color... I wish I'd been a little more brave with my color selection. Maybe next time! I never know what color looks good with my skin tone and am always chicken to try something bold.

The past weekend was filled with wedding preparation festivities... Dress shopping, more dress shopping (Mom and I did stop for lunch and wine in between) and a bridal show (absolute insanity) on Sunday. Lots to update about but it's not happening tonight. Here's my favorite freebie from Sunday from a local paper vendor: 


mattie said...

ooo la la! maybe i should try this... i painted my nails on sunday (for the first time in weeks? months? i don't know?) and they look terrible already. so annoying.

A-town said...

I mean the nails look good but I like the ring better.