Thursday, January 20, 2011

White on a Friday Night?

In October? 

I really want to wear a white cocktail dress to our rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  

Something like this:
**I think this one needs to be a couple of inches shorter, at least to be flattering on me. I recently saw it in a bridal magazine and it was much shorter. (not slut short but a more flattering length)**
{Image from amsale}

Or something with a fun ruffle:
{Image from amsale}

Love this one, too. Classic. 
{Image from amsale}

Or something like this. 
{Image from amsale}

I've also considered something in a Champagne color as a nice alternative to white in the fall. 
You might recognize this from this post... At least my taste is consistent. 

{Image from}

Speaking of the navy dress that I would love my bridesmaids to rock... I also love it for engagement pictures. So, maybe I will buy it and resell to my bridesmaid, LOL. Or keep it because I love it! 
 {Image from}

 I also really like this. Perfect for a cool fall evening! But is it too casual? With some killer heels? 

Thoughts on white on a friday night? For a bride? 


Laina said...

i love the white who cares if it's fall you're the bride! but i like the champagne and blue too :)

Sara said...

I want to wear white to our rehearsal dinner, too! I love all of these options!

Summer Safrit said...

Have you seen that The Limited is now carrying wedding dresses and some of them look similar to the ones you just posted (short white/off white).

Ashley said...

White is in I saw it on E! so wear it!