Thursday, February 17, 2011

clutch. (edited)

Well, clutches. 

{I know my last few posts have veered away from wedding-planning... My planning has slowed as I have been busier with my last semester ever of school. Just a little less than 3 months from now and I will be done. FOREVER. I cannot wait to add those three little letters to the end of my name: OTD. And then comes a big-girl job, which, call me crazy, I cannot wait to have! Everyone says I will miss college/grad school but I am ready. As long as some pediatric jobs open in Nashville between now and then? A whole other post...}

And I digress from the topic... Clutches! I was inspired by a great giveaway posted HERE today. How cute is that clutch? It's another giveaway that if I don't win, I might be purchasing anyway! If you love it, head HERE to enter. 

It's adorable. 

Which got me thinking... I've seen a lot of really cute clutches lately on Etsy. I really, really wish I (legitimately) knew how to sew. I found a pattern that looks easy... But the whole "operating a sewing machine" part is holding me back. Sigh. So, until I learn how to work one, ordering from Etsy sellers will have to do! I don't want to give too much away, because I know a few bridesmaids browse my blog every now and again... But I have found some really, really cute items that might just make their way into bridesmaid gift bags.

Here are some other clutches that have caught my eye lately: 

So. cute. {Seller: a03designs}

{Same seller: a03designs}

This one is also adorable for spring. Jeans, white t-shirt, flip flops and this guy: 

{Same seller's website}

I also love this: 

{By the same seller of the giveaway mentioned at beginning of blog. You can find it HERE}

I could honestly keep going but have a pile of work waiting on me! 
Happy Thursday! 


mattie said...

boo! i can't see the pics!

A-town said...

lori caroline you fix those pictures right now

L.Caroline said...

it's fixed!!

LaLaVerde said...

Cute!! and it would match your dress! ;)

Chelsea said...

Love your blog!! I am so excited to find it! Thanks for following and entering the giveaway :)