Sunday, February 20, 2011


My mom, wonderful wedding planner, and I made some major wedding-planning progress this weekend. Mom ventured to Nashville around lunch on Friday and we were immediately off and running. 
First stop: Dress purchasing! She is officially ordered. (!!!) But there's no way she's being revealed (except to close friends and family, of course) until the big day. I am so excited. Next stop: Lunch, naturally. We opted for our new favorite (discovered on mom's last trip to Nash salad) steak at a local favorite. And a little glass of celebratory vino. Then off to Green Hills for some wandering. 
We didn't get in too much trouble... I did find some really cute staples at Banana on sale. And a dress my mom insisted I needed for our honeymoon. {Have I mentioned we don't even know where we are going yet?}

And I did some wedding shoe wishing... 


I think I am going to wear heels for the ceremony... And change into boots at the reception? But it is an outdoor wedding so I looked at these too, just in case. 

Our productivity continued Saturday morning, bright and early. We met my wedding planner at the venue and did a walk through making notes and taking pictures. And then debriefed at Starbucks. We continued on to a local store where I priced invites (they basically wanted my first born child...). Sheesh! Paper is expensive. And I asked- it wasn't laced with gold.
The envelopes didn't seal or address themselves. 
Our afternoon consisted of several hours wandering through a fabric store followed by a run to JoAnnes. 
Our evening was topped off by a wonderful dinner with the fiance.
I hope to have some DIYs to show this week... I am at my mom's for a few days and a Hobby Lobby run is first on my to do list in the morning. 


Sara said...

What a productive weekend! Sounds wonderful! Congratulations on finding your dress, hun! YAY! I absolutely LOVE the second pair of Kate Spade flats :) Super cute and functional! Can't wait to see your projects!!!

LAG said...

I basically live at Hobby Lobby these days. The cashiers just might know me by name... =)