Wednesday, February 23, 2011

learning to sew.

Ever since spotting one over on Joon's blog a while back (I don't know the exact post...) I've been dreaming of burlap table runners. Complete with ruffles. 

Then, I started wedding planning and immediately knew I wanted to incorporate burlap. I love the look of burlap layered on top of navy tablecloths. 

So, I've decided to go with navy blue tablecloths topped with burlap runners (with ruffles!) for the guest tables. My mom and I started experimenting with burlap runners this weekend. My mom and I took off and starting sewing and gathering away. I sat right by her side and watched. I've never really used a sewing machine, though I've always wanted to learn. While my mom was at work today I decided I'd do just that. I broke out her hundred year old manual and got to figuring it out. After a couple hours and youtube tutorials later {this blog was key in my success} I came out with this little guy: 

Not too shabby, right? It's definitely rough- but also my first real sewing attempt. My mom was pretty much in disbelief when she came home. And, I officially love sewing! My mom offered to let me take her sewing machine home with me for a while. As much as I'd like to I know it would just be a distraction for me right now. I will be taking her up on her offer post completion of residency, NBCOT prep/exam, and graduation, however. 

Hers definitely turned out better: 

And our cute little baby-momma set (we're a little silly...):

I cannot wait to sew more in the future! 


Erin said...

You did great! You're gonna pick up knitting in a heartbeat and probably pass me up in skill level after a week! Ugh.

The Guff said...

oh my GOSH!!! It turned out great! So glad I got to talk to you today. Can't wait to see what other amazing things you are going to do for the BIG day!!!

A-town said...

Lo that looks great! I love that your mama/baby picture. And what a smart young lady you are for holding off on bring the sewing machine back with you.

Chelsea said...

Looks awesome girl! Well done. I really would like to learn how to needlepoint. But I zero patience.

mattie said...
This cracks me up because I saw those runner's on Joon's site, too, and lo & behold, I bought a bunch of burlap last week from the remnants bin at JoAnns. Love it! Who knows when I'll have time to actually MAKE something with it.... but hey: I'm feeling pretty motivated by your handiwork!

L.Caroline said...

Thanks, ladies!

Chelsea- needlepoint and knitting are also on my list, as they are two of my grandmother's expertise and I really want to carry on the tradition.

Mattie- if I can do, anyone can! Seriously, once I got the hang of sewing the runners weren't very hard/time consuming. The blog I referenced really really helped! Also, if you don't care about them being reversible, which I didn't, you can save on fabric and I think the ruffle is a little easier to attach at the end.

L.Caroline said...

And, I am definitely going to have to check out the "remnant bin" at JoAnnes you speak of!

Lauren said...

I love it! The ruffles are sooo pretty!