Sunday, February 27, 2011

nashville weekends

Have I mentioned how much I love Nashville? It's the perfect size city... Big enough there is always something to do but not too big. I've been here for almost 3 years and CSB has been here for almost 12 and I foresee being here for many years to come. 

Our weekend was fun-filled and quite spontaneous. Here's a little recap: 

On Friday night we double-dated with some of our married friends to see Tom Green(e?) at a comedy club a stone's throw from the townhouse. Definitely fun but Tom didn't really impress me. We came home and played cards into the wee hours of the night until midnight. So much fun!

On Saturday we ran some errands and were pretty lazy. Paisley pup and I spent a good bit of time playing outside along with one of the neighbors and her sweet pup and another neighbor and her toddling boys. It was so beautiful here! On Saturday afternoon we headed to a sports bar to watch a little UK basketball with some of CSB's friends from out of town. On Saturday evening we made a very last minute decision to go to the Brad Paisely/Darrius Rucker concert. As in, the concert started at 7:30 and we decided to go at 7:25. I love being 5 minutes from downtown! We CSB scalped tickets and they ended up being less than face value- take that, scalpers! Our seats were pretty dang good, too. Darrius was great- he broke out some of his songs from Hootie days, which I loved. Brad was good too but there was way more "production" to his show than I like (Think: Weird/cheesy cartoons playing on the big screen). Still a great time! 

Today has been a great, relaxing day. We went to a local fundraising even for Our Kids and then took the pup to the park. She love, love, loves the dog park. I still have mixed feelings... It's nice, because she gets great exercise but she always comes home in major need of a bath. Today was no exception as she decided to stick her entire head under the water faucet and then roll around with all her new pup friends in the dirt. Thanks, Paise. 

{I had to sneak in a picture of two of the pup...}

The fiance made dinner tonight (I am so spoiled... He's such a great cook). We followed up dinner with homemade s'mores (Wedding diet starts tomorrow, officially) and glasses of milk. 

Now a still-damp Paisley is curled up beside me on the couch and we are watching the Oscars. Does anyone else love Anne Hathaway as much as I? She looks stunning tonight- I love the white dress she donned for the beginning of the show. Camilla Alves (Matthew McConaughey's wife) looked amazing, too, and thus far her dress was my favorite! 


The Guff said...

I'm recording the oscars! cant wait to see the clothes. And, I LOVE paisley. that is all.

The Brady Blog said...

Hey! Found your blog through Sheila's - very cute :) I love that your pet is like your kid... I can relate!

L.Caroline said...

Thanks for following along! I am glad you found me! And yes- she is absolutely my "child" at this point. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there. :)