Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Passing Along the Love... And Other Ramblings

Warning: This is not my normal "wedding" post. Proceed as you choose. 

My sweet friend Joon over at The Adventures of Ordy and Joon passed this along to me quite some time ago and I am finally getting around to posting it and passing it along! I was so flattered to receive it- though I know my procrastination may not be reflective of my sentiment. Thank you, Joon! Check out her adorable site- especially if you are in need of decoration or fashion inspiration!

To accept this award you must fulfill 4 things:
1. Thank and Link back to the person who awared it to you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 3 recently discovered bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

7 Things? Well, if you insist... 

1.) My family means the absolute world to me. I honestly do not know what I would do without them. My mom and  younger brother are both among my best friends. My grandmother (Gaga) is one of the most amazing women I know. And my grandfather is the most generous man I know. I am very blessed in the family department! 

2.) Though I am a Southern girl, born and raised, I lived in both England and Australia for short periods of time... All before I was a year old! 

3.) I am obsessed with several really bad, really trashy T.V. shows. It drives my fiance nuts. Especially when I DVR them on his T.V. 

4.) I love all things monogramed. Including these babies I received as a graduation gift from high school: 

5.) Until 3 years ago I hated flats. I wore heels, boots, sandals/flip-flops, and tennis shoes. I now own, oh, 15-ish pairs and am obsessed. If I'm having an "I don't really feel like getting dressed day" you'll catch me in skinny jeans, an oversized oxford, and cute flats.  

 I cannot remember people's names to save my life. To a point it can be embarrassing. I can remember faces and other absurd details about people but forget names. I'm working on it. 

7.) I really want to go on the TLC show Next Great Baker. Check these out, Buddy!

I'm passing this along to:
 Miss Lauren over at 
Lifestyles of the Rich {at Heart} and Not So Famous. Her southern-inspired blog is adorable!

My mommy-friend at snails and spice. I love hearing stories of her little wild man toddler and I cannot wait to see how baby number 2's (girly!) nursery turns out. 

Miss Sara over at the Butterfly Cottage is definitely a wedding-blogging veteran and I recently discovered her planning blog. She's opened my eyes to the reality of DIY projects and provided some great inspiration, too. 

One last thing...
I was browsing around a bit this afternoon over at Lifestyles of the Rich {at Heart} and Not So Famous and caught wind of this GREAT giveaway at Nautical by Nature. A monogramed floppy hat? Yes, please! This may be a spring purchase if the giveaway doesn't pan out. Love it! 


A-town said...

I feel like a bad friend cause I didn't know you lived anywhere but Dalton. Forgive me?

mattie said...

aww, thanks!! <3

Lauren said...

You are too sweet! I'm just now seeing your sweet comments! Thank you girl! I'll have to post soon! I absolutely love lllovvveee your blog too!!