Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"I'd rather have to find a new doctor than a new hairstylist"

The quote is courtesy of my soon to be MIL and I could not agree more. I would much prefer to have to find a new doctor than a new hairstylist. Unfortunately my stylist went on permanent maternity leave. Great for her and new baby but what about me?? OK, I realize I am being ever so slightly dramatic. 

Here's the story on my fear of new stylists: When I first moved to Nashville I made a hair appointment at a very nice (and very trendy) salon in that will remain nameless with a female stylist who will also remain nameless (mostly because I don't even remember her name). My hair was a bit past shoulder length at the time and I wanted it trimmed up into a simple bob that hit right above my shoulders. I explained to her that I am a very simple person when it comes to hairstyles and prefer a classic style. I hit on this point several times, possibly because her twelve-toned hair and multiple tattoos threw me off a bit (I am by NO means judging- it's just not my style). 
{Side note: My very favorite hairstylist in college had more tattoos than I have years of life, her hair was a different color of the rainbow each time time I visited, and she loved to incorporate halloween inspired objects into her everyday wardrobe- and I loved her and the haircuts she gave me!}

Back to the story. Apparently my description of "simple, shoulder length bob" lead the stylist to chop my hair up into some sort of rocker shag. The length of my hair didn't change much, well the length of half my hair... The rest of it resting in layers at ear height. She basically gave me two haircuts in one: A bowl cut on top of a bob. I'm sure to someone out there this is a desirable hairstyle. Not me.
I cried.
I went back and she attempted to fix it to no avail. I wore my hair pulled in a ponytail for a week or two before deciding I was going to have to do something about it. 
Which brought me to my now-on-permenant-maternity-leave-stylist. She ended up chopping lots of length off my hair but it turned out great. When my hair finally grew out she eventually trimmed it into a perfect shoulder length bob. 

I have a much overdue appointment with a new stylist tomorrow, after calling my old salon for the third time to make sure K didn't change her mind about maternity leave. 
The last time I got a haircut was in October. I'll let you do the math, I definitely haven't kept my split ends in check. I just need a good trim/shape up in order to help keep my hair healthy. Wish me luck!


Lauren said...

I have anxiety about my hair too! I am so critical every time i get my hair done too. Like i could do a better job-not! But, I've tried to tell myself to communicate better what I want and hopefully it will be what I want! My hair girl is preg and going on maternity leave this year too, so sad. Good luck with your new stylist!

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I feel your pain. I had to find a new stylist in KY and it was so terribly difficult. I tried salon after salon to no avail...and finally I've found an amazing lady...but my hair looked awful for months before I did.

L.Caroline said...

I am glad to hear I am not the only one, haha! I am a few hours post-hair appointment and a very happy girl! The stylist listened to what I had to say, ran it by be before doing anything, and then started working his magic. My highlights turned out great as did my cut. I will definitely be a return customer!

Sara said...

Go luck finding someone new! It's tricky! I would be nervous too! My mom is actually a hair stylist so NOBODY ever does my hair but her! Since she is going to be busy with mother duties on our wedding day, I'm having a good friend's older sister do it. My hair trial is next week! Eek! We both need luck!