Monday, February 7, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

...Preferably not October 15th. 
Or the 14th, for that matter. Come anytime between now and then. Or anytime afterward. 
I am, sincerely, already praying for beautiful weather the weekend of my wedding. Selfish of me to waste God's time with such a request, you say? Other things definitely take priority on a day to day basis but I slip my request in at the end. Religiously. 

Though I don't like the thought of rain on my wedding day (Key Alanis Morsette- "It's like raaaa-aiin, on my wedding day, it's a free riii-ide when I already paid") I realize it's a possibility. October, however, is the least rainy month of the year in Nashville. Don't believe me? Check it out here. 
I like it. Average temperatures in October range from 49-71 degrees. 

The rainy weather inspired me to share some of my favorite "rain-plan" gear. A Southern girl has to be prepared, after all.

Monogrammed umbrellas? Yes, please! 

{Image retrieved:}

I've been admiring these beauties for some time now. The Hunter Original rain boots are just classic. They are a nice alternative to my bright paisley print rain boots and I would love to add them to my closet eventually. And they would coordinate perfectly if I had to throw them on under a certain white dress...

I also love these little guys by Sperry. But the fact that they are little guys is a little concerning... 
Cute, but more day-after-the-storm footwear. 

I'll leave you with a few wedding rain shots I'm loving: 


{Image retrieved:}

{Image retrieved:}

In other wedding news: I met with my planner for lunch today. I think we share a brain when it comes to wedding ideas- for which I am truly grateful!
If you're on facebook check her out at LS Designs... And "like" her page, especially if you are in the Nashville area. 

The rain has now turned to snow... Which inspires me to go sit in front of the fireplace with my best four-legged friend (who is in dire need of a haircut): 

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The Guff said...

i will pray too!!!!! it will be SO gorgeous, either way. . . rain or shine!