Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Suprise (A Few Days Early)

fThe fiance called me around lunch time today, just as I was leaving the coffee shop from a morning chock-full of work, and told me he was giving me my Valentine's present. What? I honestly thought he was foregoing the holiday this year. And today is the 11th. Last time I checked Valentine's Day falls on the 14th every year. He informed me it was in his car and he couldn't really wait until Monday to give it to me. 
{CSB is notorious for not being able to keep things a suprise or wait to give gifts. He gets too excited and has to just give things to me as soon as he gets them. It's adorable. I am still shocked my engagement ring was in his possession for an entire 24 hours.}

He took me outside to his car and made me close my eyes... I kept asking if he got Paisley a sister puppy! I opened my eyes to see these sweet girls in the back of his SUV:

Ahh! I was so excited! And suprised! Sean took on the dauntingly scary task of teaching me to play golf last summer. I grew up in a golf course neighborhood and have never played a full round of golf. A little embarrassing... I've really wanted to learn and CSB has been a great teacher! I was getting to the point that CSB's oversized clubs weren't really cutting it and have been talking about getting some clubs of my own. I cannot wait for the 50 degree weather promised for Sunday- off to the golf course we go! 

Here are some bad iPhone pictures of the new hair... I had patches of zit creme on right side of my face- hence me purposefully holding my phone in front of my face {and excuse the awkward look on my face in the first picture... apparently i was really focused}. I know it's nothing drastic, but for me it was big!

Happy Friday!


emily said...

my fiance is the same way...he tells me all surprises instantly! it's cute though!

mattie smith said...

love your hair!