Tuesday, February 15, 2011

puppy love

My Monday {aka Valentine's Day} started out quite interesting... 

I went out to crank my car and nothing. It wouldn't start and lots of dashboard lights started flashing at me. Great. It was 9:45 and I was supposed to be at a graduation meeting at 10:00. I live close enough to walk, but by the time I got there I would have been late. 
I called CSB as I was heading back into the house and he, in a hushed I'm-in-a-meeting voice, said he would call me back. I started to open the back door and realized I didn't have my house key.
Great, again. {I'd taken it off over the weekend and lent it to friends who were in town. And obviously forgot to put it back on my keychain.} I settled into a chair on the back patio and pulled out my laptop to get a little work done, thankful for a beautiful sunshiny morning. 

CSB called me soon after and walked me through a little breaking and entering. I left Paisley on the back patio while I ran upstairs to grab something and came back to this: 

In case you can't tell, Paisley pup decided to dig up the only spot of dirt not covered by pavers on the back patio. I was not amused, hence the first picture in the post. Paisley got to wear the "bad dog" sign for the first {and second- when she decided to place her little paws on the table in attempt to sample the brie before dinner} time yesterday. I don't know if she got the message, though, because she was so dang cute I kept taking pictures.
{Back story on the sign: Growing up, we had the best dog ever. When she chewed anything up my dad's punishment was to tie whatever she chewed up around her neck.
She chewed up ONE SHOE. EVER.}
Since I couldn't tie dirt around Paise's neck I made the sign. 

My day continued... CSB picked me up and we had a delicious {free} lunch at Mere Bulles, one our favorite restaurants. We are trying to figure out where to host our rehearsal dinner and it's top on our list. Lunch was wonderful, as always. 
I could live on their she crab soup! 

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. I experimented with a new cupcake recipe inspired by Gigi's: Kentucky Bourbon Pie. Mine were quite different from the one we had from Gigi's but CSB swears they were better. 

This was the prettier one: 

But this was the tastier one: 

I suprised CSB with dinner last night and we enjoyed a nice, quiet meal at the house and watched the movie Valentine's Day {Cheesy, but I love it... Though I could live without T. Swift's character}. We started out with fresh brie and crackers followed by a salad. For the main course we had goat cheese stuffed chicken {courtesy of fresh market... my time definitely went into dessert!} and roasted potatoes. Then dessert... Which in addition to the cupcakes consisted of chocolate covered strawberries {CSB's favorite}. 

I also gave CSB a Valentine's card: 
 I took if off quickly as to not confuse her since earlier in the day her punishment was to wear the "bad dog" sign... 

Just a few more of the cutest bad dog I know: 


Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

The Bad Dog sign is genius!!! And those pics are adorable!!!
Please post your recipe for the cupcakes. They look soooo pretty and tastey too! How did you get the frosting to look so pretty/perfect? Mine always looks like crap.

L.Caroline said...

Thanks! I can definitely share the recipe I adapted! And a few icing tips!

emily said...

oh the she crab bisque...I'd eat it everyday!

Gentri said...

Um, hello cutest dog EVEEEER!!!