Wednesday, March 16, 2011

decisions, decisions: made!

You may recall my recent debate over dressing our groomsmen... We finally came to a decision and I am very excited! 


Our groomsmen will be donning gorgeous Jos A. Banks dark tan suits (a little darker than the one above). CSB and I went back and forth and back and forth and back again before finally coming to a decision. I didn't want to boys to be too casual (I decided khaki pants+navy blazers was a little bit casual) but we also didn't want them wearing ill-fitting/uncomfortable (according to the fiance, I have no tux-wearing knowledge of my own!) tuxes, OR have to pay mega for a really nice tux they have to return. 

Solution: We spoke with a sales associate at Jos. A. Banks and he worked out a great deal for us- since we (well, the boys) will be purchasing 6 suits at once! The guys are going to pay a little bit more than they would for a tux and walk away with a nice, new, tailored to fit, suit. Not a bad deal. 

And, of course, bow ties/lady catchers will also be worn. 

This is the one I am loving today:  

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