Thursday, March 17, 2011

makeup suggestions? (and blog sale info!)

Thanks for your input on the blog sale! I began the (epic) task of cleaning out my closet last night. Definitely some good stuff to get rid of- a few polo shirts that are in great shape but have pretty much been too small since I brought them, a few more I haven't worn in years (but are still classics!) and a few other J.Crew, LOFT, BR, I.N.C. and GAP pieces that no longer have a home in my closet. I have quite the pile in the middle of the bedroom floor... Oops! I am headed out of town this afternoon but will try to get everything organized and posted by next Wednesday. Yay for spring cleaning- and passing along new-to-you clothes. I am going to set up a PayPal account to make the process easier and will ship to AZ and any other states you'd like. 

Onward to my Thursday morning topic... As our wedding day approaches I really want to build my makeup collection into one I love. My plan is to try one to two new products a month from now until October. But, I don't just want to browse the stores, get overwhelmed, and hope I walk out with a great product... I need HELP! 

My makeup routine is pretty minimal/natural and I want to keep it that way for the most part. However, I need some new product suggestions! 
I would love for my skin to look fresh, dewey, and radiant (and still natural)! Is that too much to ask for?? Right now it's looking pretty dull and drab. 

First on my list- a new foundation! I've been using BareMinerals powder foundation but it seems my skin has gotten used to it? It looks dull now, even when I use the finishing powder. If you have a great suggestion, please send it along. I'd even go for a tinted moisturizer if anyone has suggestions. Also, I want to find a liquid/creme blush (or even a powder!) that gives my cheeks a natural glow (does that exist?). 

I know I have some readers out there with suggestions, so bring 'em on! 


Ashley said...

You should take fish oil and zinc vitamins. Clears your skin and makes it look fresh.

I use Tarte and I love it!! it is all natural and good for your skin.

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

OMGGGG I couldn't type my suggestion fast enough! I'm OBSESSED with my tinted moisturizer! I seriously have like 4 bottles in case they discontinue- i love it that much!! (Hautelook usually has them on sale at least twice a year) but I would deffff go to sephora and ask for a sample (they match your skin and give it for free!)

MD tinted moisturizer= the shizz!!!!

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

oops. I was so excited i forgot to give you my INCREDIBLE blush options!

1- the most popular blush in america: Nars, orgasm.

2- My personal favorite... LORAC- Hot Flash. this is a blush/bronzer duo and LOVE the natural look! It looks hot pink but a little goes a long way and you get that natural glow- think natural rosy cheeks!

Gentri said...

Try Hard Candy's "Glow All The Way". I posted about it here: during makeup month. :) It just makes your face look dewey and fresh! They have it in the "doll face" that I used or a bronze one (havn't tried but should). :)

The Guff said...

I don't have any great suggestions- but I will say I did the same thing before the wedding. Threw away all of my makeup and went to the Clinique counter and bought everything of theirs. I like them because they are easy and *gasp* boring. I don't try new things with makeup, so it works for me:) Yay for wedding/makeup drawer make overs!

L.Caroline said...

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions, ladies! I am going to be making a trip to zephyrs this weekend and will keep you posted on what I go with!

Sara said...

I'm a MAC girl! I love their waterproof body foundation and it comes in the biggest container, I swear you'll never run out! I just bought some BEAUTIFUL shiny lip gloss from Victoria's Secret today, too. I never buy their makeup but the undress glitter gloss is fabulous!!!

Summer said...

I fell in love with Sephora's You Rebel (tinted moisturizer) right before my wedding, wore it on my wedding day, and have been hooked since. I LOVE it! I especially love it during the summer when I don't want a lotion, foundation, and a powder. I use this alone (with maybe a bit of a finishing powder) and I love the glow it gives!! A little goes a long way, though.

Amanda said...

Hey Lori! I am using an awesome product called "High Beams." It's by benefit and you can get it at Sephora. I put a little streak on my cheek bones before blush (although you can leave off blush for a more natural look). You can also use it to highlight your brow bones. It gives you a fresh, glowing look. Awesome!

Christin {at} Carolina City Girl said...

i know i'm a little late with some makeup suggestions, but here are mine :) i, too, used bare minerals and then after a while, just didn't like the way it looked. i still use it occasionally in the summer when i want something lighter.

for foundation, i recently bought Makeup Forever's HD foundation. it's expensive, but worth it! i've noticed such a difference. it goes on smoothly and makes your skin look so good.

as far as something to help you "glow," Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl highlighting primer is the bomb. it's got a slightly golden pearly sheen that is gorgeous, but not sparkly. a good cream blush would be Nars' liquid blush in Orgasm (hate the name, love the color. hee).

and i just wrote a book. haha! hope it helps a little!