Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend recap

I've been MIA for a few days... Here's why: 

This sweet boy. 

And this sweet girl.  

I've known both of these kids since they were babies. I started keeping S when she was 5 months old and quickly felt like a member of the family. I can't believe sweet S will turn 10 in May! Where has the time gone?? Mr. M is 5 and all boy. They are both very smart kids and a lot of fun to be around. 

This is the oldest picture of them I have on my computer. As you can see, they've grown a bit! This was from vacation I went with their family on to Amelia Island a few years (3-4ish) ago. Love them! 

Anyway...  I'm playing Momma to these two until tomorrow and loving it! The weather has been gorgeous which means we have lived outside! On Friday we went to a local park after we picked S up at school. It was warm enough to splash around in the creek a bit. 
On Saturday we headed to Taco Mammacitas in Chattanooga, a shared favorite of the three of us. Then to the park and Sweet Cici's (their first time!) to cool down after playing. We bummed around on Saturday night and watched Toy Story 3. So good. Yesterday was spent swinging, zip-lining, and uno-playing in the front yard, bike-riding, and lunching with my little brother. 

(M tried to snap a picture of S and I before I dropped them off at school)

(And another...)

(At the park)

You'll probably see and hear more about my sweet babies in the near future as they are both "starring" in  the wedding! S will be my junior bridesmaid and M the ring bearer. They are both really excited about it and it's adorable! 


Gentri said...

Aw! They're so cute. :) Looks like you guys had such a fun weekend!

A-town said...

lori I think she even favors you.

Where's the diaper go?