Tuesday, April 19, 2011

livin' on a prayer (in the library)

This is my final week of residency. Crunch time! I have been so overwhelmed the last few days and am already short on sleep... I keep reminding myself this is IT and I am almost DONE
Still, it's overwhelming. 
My time has been divided between the kitchen table, living room floor, and library. I've spent more time in the library in the past week than I have my entire time in grad school. 
This was my stressed out breakfast/lunch/snack (that I had to sneak into the library) yesterday. 
Healthy, huh? 

I've also been carrying around a duffle bag on a daily basis because I have SO much stuff. I started out with my large Longchamp but after ripping a hole in it I traded up to my backpack. And then again to a trusty overnight bag. HA! 

I had to share these pictures from when we went to Orlando. I had extremely sunburned shoulders and was being a wuss struggling with my carryon bag packed to the brim. Sweet boy trekked through the airport with it all day. He must love me!

 I promise to get back to "regular" blogging soon! This is just life right now. :) 


Reagan said...

Awww that was so sweet of him to carry it for you... and really everybody looks good with a paisly.

Gentri said...

You're busy, we understand. :) I was craving animal crackers so bad yesterday! Now after seeing that pic... the cravings are back. hahaha!

Gentri said...

BUT I am excited for you to get back to regular blogging of course. :) haha!

L.Caroline said...

I am obsessed with animal crackers... I always get them for road trips and study sessions. And in between. HA!

A-town said...

haha I love this!

According to Ashley said...

Hey girl! Thanks so much for reading my blog! I wandered over to yours and what did I find? A post containing Vera Bradley and peanut M&Ms?!? A girl after my own heart, for sure! Best of luck with all of your work. I'm starting grad school in a few weeks :/